What you were searching for in 2015

Let’s close the year 2015 by looking at the top search terms that made people find mxm-studios.

I don’t do much optimization, simply write what i want. So it’s great to see that it works anyway and people arrive from all over the world in search for newd 3Dx pixels :)

It seems i have mainly three most wanted topics here:

  1. Luisa B.
  2. Sexvilla 3
  3. Lara Croft

Luisa gets attention!

It’s really cool that people are actually searching for all things Luisa. Terms like Dreams of Luisa, Luisa B., Morning Fever, Luisa Sex, Luisa Comic and many variations more. People, i can tell you: You’ve found the right place! Dreams of Luisa still exists, but has been transformed into “Luisa B.”, 2 episodes (“Best Friends”, “Morning Fever”) are live so far, more to come on the dedicated website Luisa3D.com. Thanks for your interest!

People (still) urging Sexvilla 3!

I just repeat myself. Every year i tell people that Sexvilla 3 will NOT come. The company thriXXX is making 3D Chathouse Roulette and spending all their ressources into its development. Not the slightest little hint about SV3 since years (!). I believe i am the only person in the world who still mentions Sexvilla 3 every now and then. This may be the reason Sexvilla seekers find my site. I like that! May you find many interesting things around here :)

On the other hand, other sexvilla related search terms are also very strong, people want to know virtually everything about that naughty game. Costs, Downloads, Pics, Stuff, Tutorials. So far thriXXX wasn’t able to destroy the brand, though they try really hard ;)

BTW: Almost nobody is looking for Chathouse. Quite a few do, that’s right, and i love to have them on my sites, Chathousers are nice people too. But related to Sexvilla, Chathouse isn’t worth mentioning. That’s what my search stats say.

Laura Croft and Lara Crest… uhm…

The digital area has created many female heroes and pop-cultural icons, but none has every reached that absolute superstar-status of Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft. Girls and Boys, everybody loves her! I think that every 3D-Artist has some Tomb Raider Fanfiction in the portfolio, may it be erotic or not. Lara is such a huge inspiration, she’s so much more than only boobs… she has a nice butt as well :D

So it’s no wonder that many people are looking for TR-related art, especially when it’s some of the naughty sort. And since the Internet seems to be so overfilled with 3Dx Laras, it’s even better that still many people make their way to mxm.

My Demon Hunter Laura Crest works has just been re-released!


The search for sexy Tomb Hunters, uhm, Demon Raiders… makes me wonder. When i love that “action-girl” setting so much, and people from everywhere just never get tired of it, why not making a Demon Hunter remake in 3Dx? It’s fun to create and there seems to be an audience for it. Well… perhaps next year ;p

To be honest, it surprises me a lot to see the large amount of Sexvilla-related search terms. Not that i worry about it, no no. It still is a cool game, but it’s amusing, that so many people still looking for Sexvilla 3. Give it up, guys, there’s no hope ;)

That the word about Luisa B. is making its round is a big success for me. To see that people all around the globe go searching for Luisa comics just feels nice and motivating! I’m working hard to make the episodes and website as enjoyable as possible. To be continued in 2016…

Thanks for reading, have a great 2016 everybody! See you soon.

Happy New Year!

Have a great year 2015 everybody! I also want to thank you for your ongoing support and patience <3

I run mxm-studios since 2008 and do naughty machinima since about 10 or more years. I often needed to take long breaks in that time, unfortunately can’t create smut 24/7…

So i want to say sorry again. In my last post i’ve told you about the things i was planning to release in late ’14. But now i got to realize that ’14 is already gone and won’t return, and i must confess that i’ve made only little progress. Really sorry about that!

Anyway, the SEXXI Dreams of Luisa special will be the next release, followed by SEXXI 8 as well as a relaunch of sexxiporn.com. I really do work on these things, it just runs very slow, but i think i will cancel the calendar project. Maybe there will be a Luisa photobook later or something like that.

So let me tell you about my feelings for 2015. I don’t tell you what i will do, i’m only talking about the things i wish to do. No release dates, no promises that i can’t hold ;)

First thought is that i want to make the next Dreams of Luisa comic. It’s my heart blood story, the flaggship. Also, according to the download numbers, DoL is the most successful thing i ever created. White Angel and Wicked Game both have been downloaded many thousand times, more than all the simish vintage episodes together. So i’m a bit like “hey, give the people what they want” :)

The SEXXI universe is also growing. And i have fun creating this little magazine. So i will try again to create at least 3 issues this year. Remember: No promises.

The Demon Hunter has taken a one-year-break, so it’s time for a new story. I really started testing and developing a new story around Lady Laura Crest.

These 3 things are the fundamentals. Everything else will go to clublena, let’s see.

Dark Clouds

Well, i actually only wanted to wish you a happy new year, but now i can’t finish the post without telling you about the dark clouds on the horizon.

The SexVilla tragedy. Nobody really knows what the guys at thriXXX are up to. The program is still great and everything, but there wasn’t a decent update for more than a year. It’s not a big problem for me, no, but i’m on standby to move to DAZ 3D. I’m starting to testing it (again) very soon. After my last advanced test that happened almost 2 years ago, i thought DAZ was way too complicated and expensive for my usage. Superb quality and endless possibilities, though. So i’m going to check it again and then we’ll see…

That’s it for now. Thank you again for the love, be happy and safe, have a great new year!

What’s up for November?

Hi everybody! This is my traditional “huh-this-year-is-ending-soon-so-what-am-i-gonna-do” post :)

I’m not good at keeping deadlines. No matter how big or small my task list is, i always run out of time and miss the deadline. My only excuse is that MXM is a hobby, and hobbies always go behind real life.

But no worries. Over the years i’ve learned that stress isn’t good, so i try to have as much fun as i can and see where it all leads me to…

Well, the end of the year 2014 leads me to SEXXI. This little SexVilla PDF Fanmagazine really is a story of success when i look at the download counter. It’s only beaten by “Dreams of Luisa”, the story that celebrates its 10th anniversary this winter… Continue reading “What’s up for November?”