11 Shocking Reasons I Will Not Follow On Twitter!

Everybody is writing such lists these days: Don’t do this and don’t do that on twitter or i will not follow you… it’s trendy…

When and why and where and who to follow on Twitter?

I think it always happens to any group of persons that some people jump into the captain’s seat and (try to) overtake the piloting. What would the world be without the leaders?

So it is about time for me to release my own list of heavy twitter-tips. It’s funky!

I’m simply going to tell you 11 reasons that make me not follow (or unfollow) you on twitter! And i am quite sure that my tips will help you to become a twitter master with millions of followers very quickly ;-)

But be careful, fasten your seat belts and take a deep breath; this list holds some shocking facts that you may not like very much. The truth sometimes is hard to accept…

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