SV2: February Update Preview!

A new Sexvilla Update is coming. It’s the most important for ThriXXX!

UPDATE: Added an Outfit Preview Photo.

UPDATE 2: Added a Hair-Style Preview Photo.

Here’s the very first view into the upcoming Sexvilla location. It’s some coffee shop, downtown restaurant:

Sexvilla February Update

Very nice. It looks like this is one of the bigger locations, with many side rooms and great details. It seems to be perfect for story makers like me and i’m looking forward to it…

Here’s also a preview of two new outfits:


I like both outfits. A normal T-Shirt for girls (has been overdue), hot pants, a not-too-short-but-still-sexy skirt and some new shoes that all girls would want to have in their collection :)

Hair Style Preview

Two new hair styles will also be on board. Finally new shoulder-long hair! The left one may look like a modern version of a wig that already exists but it will be interesting to see what modders will do with it. I like both styles.

Everything’s nice so far, but also read about the more explosive stuff this update contains…

There’s some dynamite in that update!

The February Update is probably the most important update ever. Because ThriXXX got into serious trouble with their own community recently. Well, not really with the community – but with a hacked version of the game.

That hacked version seems to be in many terms “better” than the original. Apart from being available for free it contains many features that honest Sexvilla players ask for since many years. Now the honest players want to know why that is.

Many Sexvilla players actually feel like being fooled by ThriXXX!

The February Update is ThriXXX’s chance to make some corrections and repair what has been broken.

If a ThriXXX staffer reads this, I recommend to:

  1. Just add the features people want – and you don’t need to fear the hack.
  2. Give people official information frequently and they will tell less nonsense.
  3. Stop excusing and blaming others. Work harder to make Sexvilla “better” than the hack.

I still could continue this list… but for now just let me state that ThriXXX got to change a few things quickly. The sooner the better. Otherwise i fear that many core-gamers, but especially starters, could move on.

That may not be fair, it may be wrong – but it’s the way people/customers/economix work. People just want the “best” product available. And they want it for nuts. Fact. Think about it the next time you go to the supermarket.

Well, that’s basically all i can tell you about the new update. If you want to know about the fuss that’s going on, join the community on and have a nice read ;)

I will keep you informed as soon as more details come out of the fog.

Author: MaXsiM

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