Sun Beam Collection For Your Virtual Art & Photos!

6 Photoshop Brushes and Sun Beam Template!

I’ve just realized how much people love sun beams. The warm ray of light makes us smile and say “Jesus, how wonderful!”

But it’s pretty hard to shoot photos in nature that feature those special beaming atmosphere. The same counts for virtual worlds where it is technically tricky to add stunning lighting effects.

But luckily we can add self-made sun beams to our photos and virtual pictures manually. I will give you the right tools in this post…

6 Photoshop Brushes and a Template File!

It’s pretty easy to create a nice light beam in Photoshop or appropriate applications. You don’t need special knowlegde, plugins or something like that…

Just make a selection, cut out some chaotic pieces, add  the Render/Fibers filter and large motion blur, transform the result into the shape you need. Make it more or less transparent and add layer effects of your choice.

Or better don’t worry about that… simply use my template file and brush set to create sun beams in no time.

Sun Beams Collection - all together
Sun Beams Collection - all together

The template contains 6 different beams as well as many single developing phases. So you can always look back at how a beam reached his final look, see which layer effects are in use and so on.

The layers contain all sub stages - great to learn and test
The layers contain all sub stages - great to learn and test

This way you can also take the basic beams and create your own shapes!

Here’s how the final rays look on a black background:

The same beams on a black background
The same beams on a black background

The download package also includes a brush set with these 6 final beam shapes.

It’s free and you can do what you want with the template and brushes, just do it ;-)


The background of the demo picture was taken in the “Patron Wilds” in Second Life, a place really worth a visit.

A bigger version of the demo pic can be seen here.


File is zipped, about 12MB and free.

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