Making of… Luisa and the Wicked Game!

MaXsiM can be seen live on, creating non-nude scenes…

I’m currently creating the upcoming porn comic “Luisa and the Wicked Game” for and thought it would be nice to live stream some of the work i do inside Sexvilla.

And of course all fans of Luisa will get an exclusive look at some of the “Wicked Game” characters and settings. No dialogs shown, so i won’t spoiler too much :)

I create only photo poses to make a comic book from. No animations and…

…obviously i am not allowed to show nudes but anyway, you will be given an very close look into the brilliant made PoseEdit Editor and all its many many possibilities.

But check out this post, because i will add some final photos as well as working stages and descriptions. And perhaps also nude shots that happened after the stream ended :)

You can try Sexvilla yourself, get the free trial here:

I will announce the live stream on twitter. So follow me there or follow my tweets in the sidebar on the front page.

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Recap of the first streams!

Let me explain the scene and also show you a few photos results.

If you were one of the three viewers of my first stream – which wasn’t too exciting, i confess – you’ve seen me creating a scene where 3 nice Ladies meet up and talk.

Luisa (red dress) visits Roxana Hart (not yet visible) and doesn’t expect to meet Jennifer there:

Luisa meets Jennifer

Luisa has reason to be angry about Jennifer. But Roxana, who has taken a shower, appears and tries to calm the situation:

Roxana appears after showering

Luisa is still doubting:

Luisa is doubting

Next photo shows a working stage. I will combine it with a dressed version of the same setting to make it look like Roxana holds her towel in the right hand while Jennifer is lifting up Luisa’s dress a bit.

In another post i demonstrate this process better.

Roxana, Luisa and Jennifer

Another test shot where you can see how i manipulated the picture like explained above. This photo is final stage but won’t show up in the comic (i decided for a better one):

Lifting Luisa's dress

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