Some Inspiration: Luisa 4sake Poster

Here’s another thing that’s good to remember. Let’s take a few steps back, about 2 years or so, and see how i created a promotion poster for “Luisa 4sake”…

I needed some inspiration. I only had the idea to create an old-fashioned movie poster but didn’t know exactly what i wanted. Okay, why do i have a highspeed internet connection? So i searched the web and after a few minutes i found this:

Lola Poster

This fancy poster of the movie “The Sins of Lola Montes” was exactly what i wanted. Just in the moment i saw it, i started to create my own one for “Luisa 4sake”. Have a look at both, the inspiration and the result, you will surely notice many equal details:

Luisa 4sake Poster

So i have to thank the original creators who designed Lola’s Poster. It’s a fine piece of artwork and i did my best when i took the style to create my own piece.

I also created three posters for my latest blockbuster “Dreams of Luisa 5” which you can watch here.

Author: MaXsiM

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