SimPose 2: How to import a Sim-Model / Part 2

Master Class Part 6

After a busy week i’m back with the next part of the SimPose Workshop.

Don’t forget to read the other tutorials about SimPose 2 and also install the Sims-Tool SimPe because you will need it now.

We will extract the required 3D-Meshes of the sims and open them in SimPose 2. We are going to look for 3 Meshes (Body, Face, Hair) which together form a complete Sim-Model…

Quick overview!

If you already know how to extract 3D-Meshes with SimPe because you are an advanced creator of pretty stuff, i only tell you what you need to do to make SimPose happy:

Extract the GMDC Part of a Mesh-File and save it in the .5gd file format. You can (and should) give the file another, better and shorter, name.

SimPose only reads .5gd and you must load the Mesh into the Mesh-Slot under “Mesh and texture(s)” in the “Character” Tab.

File organisation!

Before you start you need to think about how to organize all the files that will be made for SimPose 2.

I’ve created separate folders for every model and another folder for objects. This is not the best method and i’m sure you will find a way that works better for you after you made some tests…

There is no standard Windows Open/Save/Save as… procedure in SimPose. In fact, to open and save files and poses can be very annoying.

Mark these 2 rules:

  • Put all files and folders inside the SimPose directory to get short and flat paths
  • Never move files or folders to another place on the hard disk

The Body-Mesh!

The body is everything from feet to neck. No matter if the sim is wearing a skirt, trousers, jacket or if he/she is naked.

Standard Sim-Outfits can be extracted with the “Body Shop/SimPe” Method. Custom-Made Meshes are easier to handle; you only need SimPe…

2 more rules:

  • Never take split outfits (top/bottom).
  • Teen-Meshes will not work.

Body Shop/SimPe Method

1) Start Body Shop and choose an outfit. Extract it like usual and then import it back into the game directly without making any changes. Close Body Shop.

2) Start SimPe and open the outfit file. You will find it in the “Saved Sims” folder in the “My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2” Directory.

3) In the “Resource Tree” click on “Property Set” and also activate the entry in the “Resource List”. Below, in the “CPF Editor”, click on the field “name”. Copy the main part of the appearing name to the clipboard (Strg+C or Ctrl+C).

4) In SimPe, make a “New” Package-File. Go to “Tools/PJSE/Body Mesh Tool/Extracting stage” and paste the outfit name into the field “Base mesh name”. Hit Okay and you’re almost ready.

5) Four entries appear in the “Resource Tree”, but you only need the “Geometric Data Container” better know as GMDC. This is the 3D-Mesh. Activate this entry and then right click on the entry that’s in the “Resource List”.

6) Choose “Extract” from the menu and save the file in your SimPose/whatever directory. Also give the file a better name but keep the extension as is: .5gd

Extract Custom-Made Meshes

This is much easier because you don’t need to find the right Mesh-File; you still downloaded it and only have to open the Mesh-File with SimPe. Look for the GMDC and extract it, that’s all.

So download a nice Mesh-File from somewhere and open it in SimPe…

Please note that i’m not talking about Skins; this is about Meshes.

The Face Mesh!

Every Sim has its own individual face. To get this face you first need to create a Sim in Body Shop and export the final sim to your desktop.

This is really a “first-10-minutes-standard-procedure” in Body Shop so i won’t describe that here.

Open the exported Sim (.Sims2Pack) with SimPe by using the “Tools/Package Tools/Open Sims2Pack” menu.

Now you will easily find the GMDC line. Extract it the same way like you did with the Body-Mesh. Save the Face-Mesh in the .5gd format as well.

The Hair-Mesh!

This is the same like extracting a Body-Mesh. With the exception that i highly recommend to take Custom-Made Meshes (best from from the start.

The game’s original hair styles also work but often make problems. I don’t know why and i can’t explain it; it’s just my experience that xmsims hair works best in SimPose.

So get the Mesh-File, extract the GMDC, save it in the .5gd format. That’s it.

Putting the meshes together in SimPose 2!

Now you have all 3 meshes that are required to form a complete Sim-Model in SimPose 2.

Start SimPose and go to the “Character” Tab. Remember, a Sim-Model is called “figure” and can consist of 4 parts. Also keep in mind that SimPose starts counting on zero: 0 to 3 instead of a more realistic 1 to 4.

So we have the 3 meshes (parts) of our first model (figure0). It’s up to you how you sort them… I like to start with the Body-Mesh…

In the “Model Selection” the buttons say “figure0” and “part0”. Below is the section “Model Content”; click on the big button “Mesh” and open the Mesh-File (the .5gd you extracted in the previous steps).

Here it is, the untextured body appears in the workspace to the right.

Now switch to “part1” in the “Model Selection” and open the Face-Mesh…

Switch to “Part2” and open the Hair-Mesh with the same old “Mesh”-Button.

Saving the model!

Voilá, my dear friends. Time to save or to close SimPose to repeat these steps for practicing.

To save a finished Model click on the “Save” Button in the “Model Selection” in the “Character” tab.

Give the model a very detailed name, this will help you much:

  • Wrong: MyModel1.fxml
  • Right: LenaLuv-redbikiki-topless-tannedskin.fxml

Save it anywhere on your computer but not too far away. Just test what works fine for you.

To open a saved model start SimPose and use the “Load” function in the “Model Selection”.

And the textures?

You know that this SimPose Workshop is pretty long and i split it into 4 parts.

This was Part 2, extracting the 3 required Meshes for the body, face and hair, saving them as .5gd files and open/combine them in SimPose to form a complete Sim-Model.

In the next Part we have much to do again. Because we will create sexy textures without messing around with SimPose’s “Texture Overlays”.

It will be some work but it won’t be too difficult, don’t worry.

Author: MaXsiM

Male, straight. Started game modding in 2000, made custom sex animations for The Sims 1, released the first nude skins ever for The Sims 2, came up with "Dreams of Luisa" in 2004, ran an adult forum with 10k+ members. Changed to 3D Sexvilla 2 in 2010. Finally made the move into the world of 'real' 3D-Art in 2015. Thanks for visiting my site and reading this post. Feel free to leave a comment. Become my Patron!

8 thoughts on “SimPose 2: How to import a Sim-Model / Part 2”

  1. Ugh, hi. :) I’ve extracted the hair mesh, and it’s not showing up, neither is the face mesh. Both are saved as a ‘gn’ and not a ‘gd’ and I don’t know how to get them to change to a ‘gd.’ What am I doing wrong?

    BTW, I left everything as they should have been when I extracted from SimPE.

  2. @ben

    meshes can only be extracted with SimPe. Open the Mesh-File in SimPe and extract the part that’s named GMDC.

    Take care that the file extension always is .5gd

  3. It seems to work like this:

    change scale to 2.000 and then Vertex indication right button.

    But I can’t find my Model this way too:(

  4. A cool tip, zoe!

    In fact, i never messed around with the scale box and also never saw letters in there…

    My standard setting is 1.000 but i’m going to check out other settings (2.000) to see if the navigation will get easier when the model is “bigger”…

  5. If your model keeps disappearing it’s because when you zoom in, you’re actually typing in the ‘scale box’.

    So, on the character tab, there should be a ‘scale’. If I’m correct, then the scale box should have a load of letters in it. Delete all the letter, until you’re left with just numbers!

    There you go! :)

  6. Strange. Don’t zoom in too close, the navigation in the work space is very rough. The model can move out of sight easily…

    Which slider do you move? In the “Joint Controls” be careful with “Pose offset”…

    And make sure that “Hide” is unchecked, and “Opaque” is checked ;)

    Sorry, but that’s all i can imagine for the moment…

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