SexVilla 3: Official Making of Teaser announced!

There haven’t been news about the long awaited 3D SexVilla v3 for ages. But now there is light on the horizon…

The last official note about the next big Version of the porn game SexVilla i can remember is from about a year or more ago. 2011 was really annoying in that point, due to a weak information strategy.

But ’11 is over and here come the big news, posted by no one less than the leading ThriXXX developer ALTGURL on the official community site

The man talks open hearted about SexVilla 3 and its development status. It’s now clear that the small team at ThriXXX worked hard on v3 for the whole 2011 while they also tried to update the current version 2. Tough job.

The smashing news here is that they create a “Making of” Teaser which is expected to be released in the last week of January.

SexVilla 3 Teaser and Release Date!

According to ALTGURL it will show a couple of new features, the new bodies, lighting/shading and other things that will hopefully push the – a bit out aged – game to an up-to-date standard.

ALTGURL is also doing some trade shows to get decent feedback from the industry. This shows how seriously and professional this piece of underestimated software is developed.

But for the moment there isn’t more to tell you about “3D SexVilla 3”. The announced Teaser is mainly targeted at the SexVilla Community to bring some feedback in.

And a realistic release date is far from being announced. Probably by the end of 2012. Probably later. Maybe some kind of Alpha/Beta release a little earlier. Even the devs doesn’t seem to have an idea yet.

After all, let’s be happy that the SexVilla 3 project is still alive and kicking. And let’s hope that ALTGURL and the ThriXXX team finally come out of the shadows and start a developers blog or something like that. Am i asking too much?

I’m looking forward to that teaser video and will keep you informed.

Author: MaXsiM

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