Running hot with Milkshape and Co!

This weekend i will meet an important way-point, then i’m half way done with the Pre-Production of “Luisa & The Elfish Spell”.

Pre-Production runs pretty well and i’m sure that i can keep the speed, provided that i can have a little break from meshing to avoid burn-out symptoms (Don’t worry, i still feel fine).

During the last couple of days my Body Shop, SimPe and Milkshape programs have been running hot!

And i’m running hot as well, it feels like i have created some thousand meshes and skins already – only for “The Elfish Spell”. In fact there are “only” about 65 (or some more) mesh/skin combinations for the females.

So what does “mesh/skin” combinations” mean?

Natural Body Meshes in Luisa 6!

A mesh is the 3D-Frame/Shape of a digital object/person. In “Luisa 6” every female character will have its unique body. There is no standard sims female on board.

When i say unique i’m not only talking about different breast sizes but about different hips, waists and slimness as well. Every woman has a different body, so it’s more like in real life than in the sims game where all sims share the same body mesh.

So that’s why i call my meshes “Natural Body Meshes”.

The changing clothes problem!

The problem is, when i created a unique natural body for an actress i have to make sure that she still looks the same when she’s changing her clothes.

Imagine a model wearing a sexy bikini which makes it possible to see all her wonderful body proportions. But what if she gets dressed to leave the house and her voluptuous body looks just like sims-standard?

Or the other way round, a woman with a normal body mesh puts on a bikini and morphs into a super sex bomb or something like that. It’s weird. I don’t want such effects in my stories.

The meshing chain-reaction!

So i have to create a unique natural body mesh for every model and then re-create that mesh for the casual outfit the model will be wearing in another scene.

Of course, Lena Luv can often change her outfit which means that i need to re-create the natural body for every other outfit again…

It’s not very complicated to do that but it means much more work.

More mesh- and skin-craziness!

Plus some more variations. For example, i often show models wearing undies and high heels, and later only undies without the high heels. 2 different meshes required…

Or there’s a bikini girl in the first scene, and in the next she’d removed the bra. Or wearing a shirt. Or other crazy things…

And just by the way i increased the number of polygons to make the girls look much better in “Luisa & The Elfish Spell”.


Now you may understand why i’m getting dizzy sometimes and running hot.

And just let me remind you that only because i’m talking about the female characters in this post does also mean that all guys look identical. They are really different as well – just like in nature ;)

Author: MaXsiM

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