Ready to go on.

I’m disappointed because i didn’t receive too many hate mails since my last post :o

Only kidding.

But i think it’s important to show you that you can expect more sexy stories from MXM frequently. There’s no need to worry.

So i didn’t waste time, i just built this site back, installed a new layout and thought about the next steps.

Fit for Sex!

The story “Fit for Sex” which features Lena Luv and Contest Winner Megana will be released today just went online… like always, exclusively on (free to join).

It’s a threesome story that also features Pete as lucky Guy. I think i never created such great Anal Sex pics ever before.


Strange things are going on at, the official SexVilla Community-Site. The admins did a site “update” yesterday and if you ask me the whole thing is a big mess.

I wasn’t really happy with the site’s mechanisms before, but now it seems to be even worse. But let’s wait and see. There is a big protest rambling going on in the forum.

I have decided to stay away from that discussion and better concentrate on the next story:

Naughty Pool Games - Preview

I’m planning to release “Naughty Pool Games” during the next 14 days.

Fresh Faces

I scheduled a new Fresh Faces Contest for Sunday. At first only portrait photos of 6 new models will be presented, in another step bikini shots will be shown.

The contest will start on and a little bit later here as well. Read more about it in the club.

Some naughty pics

Here are some pics i recently created for fun. Hope you like it (click on the pic for screen-exploding full size).


That was all for now. Sex you later ;)

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