Skin Creators: How To Use The PSD-Template!

Today i’m bringing back the old “mxm4creators” skin template. This psd-file (Photoshop) makes you able to easily create your own skins for the sims. Yes, i’m talking about detailed body skins for both genders. I also will give you an example of how you can use the template…

First of all, you don’t need to have Photoshop to open the file. I recommend to use “The Gimp”, a 100% free and 120% useful graphic program. It’s open source and i just don’t know any other free editor with such possibilities. The only thing to worry about is that Gimp can’t handle the Layer Groups of the template. But this is only a cosmetically issue ;)

Another thing, you can use the mxm template for free and for everything you want. That’s no joke, create your own skins for personal use or share it with friends in forums or on websites. Just backlink and support mxm as usual. Have fun…

Here you can download the “mxm4creators-normalnudeskin.psd“, packed in a zip-file. File Size is about 9,5MB.

How to use the template

The template helps you to create tons of n-skins with a wave of a hand ;) It already contains all required textures and details. You only have to change/add the details of your personal taste. I will show you a few examples for that.

Of course you still have to do the usual export texture procedure in “Body Shop” and overwrite those textures with your own creations.

Part 1: Loading the template

Unpack the zip and load the psd into Photoshop (or whatever). It looks like this:

The Skin Template

There are four groups that contain all appropriate textures. With the small Eye-Symbol you can change the visibility of each group. BTW: This template only contains the “normal” skin tone. Otherwise the file would be much too large (about 40 MB).

Part 2: Change the nipples

Lets say you want other nipples on the “adult female” skin. With a click on the Arrow-Symbol open the Group “Adult Female”. Now you can see the three fitness states of the original textures. On the layers above there are the special details.

The opened Layer Window

If you can’t see this and don’t understand a thing, open the layer window! It’s in the menue “Window/Layers” or hit “F7”.

I recommend to always use copies of the original detail before you change something. This makes sure the original won’t be lost. Also, it’s a good idea to save the whole file under a new name right now ;)

Fine. You don’t know how to make a copy of the layer that says “Nipples”? Have a right mouse-click on the layer and choose “Duplicate Layer”. Wow, it’s that easy!

From now on we will work on that copied layer. Just to make sure not to change the original by mistake, we switch it off with the Eye-Symbol. The layer window looks like this:

Layer Window with copied layer

Now you can do whatever you want with the copied layer. Change the color, resize them, add better details or overdraw them (on a new layer). For now, we are going to make the nipples bigger.

Zoom in and draw a selection frame around one (!) nipple. If you would resize both at the same time, they would also change their positions on the skin – and look ugly on a sim.

With the “Free Transformation” Tool it’s easily done. Just add the new size into the fields “Width” and “Height”. On the next screenshot you can follow all these steps:

Transforming a detail

Zoom in (1), Make Selection (B) and Free Transformation (C). The Transformation Tool is under “Edit/Free Transform”.

Now repeat this step for the other side. Use the same value when you transform the nipple. In my case “115%”. It’s up to you how much fine tuning you will add.

Part 3: Save the new texture

You know that you only need to overwrite the original BMP-Files you exported with Body Shop. Just use the Eye-Symbol to switch the three fitness states on/off and save every one of them, overwriting the appropriate original. That’s business as usual ;)

You also can take the “cut” skin and overwrite the “normal” original. Then the sim always will wear the sporting cut-skin – until he gets fat, then the “soft” skin will appear. Of course you can overwrite the “soft” one as well.

Part 4: From hairy to shaped

Everything you’ve done to the nipples you also can do with the pubic hair. Copy the layer at first and keep on working on the copied layer! I will show you how to give the hairy pussy a new shape. It’s damned easy. And again it’s up to you how deep you want to get into this (topic, not the pussy) :) Here’s only a very first step…

Activate the layer “PubicHair” and open the tool “Edit/Transform/Perspective”. A selection appears around the hair. Get one of the corner grips and move it. Watch out:

the perspective transformation tool

This looks funny! If you can’t see the animation, please reload this page. But after such a transformation it will be necessary to repair the transformed element, due to the loss of details and shape. How you can do that i will write in another workshop sometimes. Let me know what exactly you want to learn and i will give it a try. For now lets step further to the male skin…

Step 5: Explanation of the male skin

Open the Layer Group “Adult Male”. If you can’t see any changes, deactivate the Adult Female Group. It is located above all others and hides everything beneath.

At the lower left side of the texture you can see the area of the penis. Don’t move it! Just let the area where it is or the texture details won’t fit on the well-shaped-mesh. You can figure out the different zones of the staff. Change single parts or the whole thing. But you can’t use transformation, only recolor techniques.

The areas of the well-shaped-texture

The hole (A), glan (B), shank (C) and sack (D).

Okay, this should be enough for the beginning. Feel free to fool around with the template. Start to create lots of newd skins for the sims and also make your own template that include other skin tones and some of your favorite details. Send me your best creations, i will support you.

Thanks for reading this.

Author: MaXsiM

Male, straight. Started game modding in 2000, made custom sex animations for The Sims 1, released the first nude skins ever for The Sims 2, came up with "Dreams of Luisa" in 2004, ran an adult forum with 10k+ members. Changed to 3D Sexvilla 2 in 2010. Finally made the move into the world of 'real' 3D-Art in 2015. Thanks for visiting my site and reading this post. Feel free to leave a comment. Become my Patron!

14 thoughts on “Skin Creators: How To Use The PSD-Template!”

    1. I’ve already started to create those basic poses and hope that i can release them next weekend. But that’s not a promise :p

      I do my best…

  1. oh thats great ;D and yes i also do use simpose hope to see them available on and yes that would be a great idea about putting the collection up on … heh the only pose i made was a hand wave O.o i try so hard ;P

    1. Hi Elisabeth, thanks for your request. I know how hard it is to create authentic sex poses, most people fail at it…
      But let’s see, i can only give away poses for SimPose, i don’t have in-game pose boxes with sex positions. If you work with SimPose to create your horny ideas i could make a collection of male/female poses.
      I would make them available on in a few days…

  2. hello lusia i was woondering if could send me your sex positions files to my email so that i can use them in my game if that is possible maybe u can even put them up for download and then send them to me u know idk but ive been trying to make my own positions its just so complicated and alot of hard work i get very frustrated and i really like yours better so yea i really hope you say yes ;(

  3. but wath is the tipe of file and the form to upload a new skin in SL?? sorry but i’ve read and find many times this info but without lucky… (my english insn’t perfect)
    can you help me?

    1) what the format BMP JPEG PNG ecc ecc to save the photoshop work ??

    2) in what way I can upload the work about point 1) in SL for to hace a skin and not a picture in my inventary??

    tanks for attention


    1. Hello Dark!

      This template originally was meant to be used for The Sims 2, not Second Life. But in fact you can also use it to create Second Life Skins.

      1) If i remember correctly, SL understands many file formats. I think jpeg and png work fine. Just upload your skin to Second Life, which costs a few Linden Dollars. Then you will find the skin in the inventory.

      But i recommend to ask somebody who is more into SL than me ;)

  4. Hi, you can’t put this file into the game directly. It’s only a “Template” which helps you to create your own skins. It’s the best you start using the Sims Tool “Body Shop” and learn how to work with that. You will see that it’s pretty easy. Once after you created one or two skins, come back and read this whole page again. I’m sure you will figure out how it can help you ;)

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