Please stop using Internet Explorer 6!

I guess you’ve heard it a dozen times and you still feel bored when you read a “Internet Explorer 6” headline anywhere. If you really feel this way now it’s very likely that you are surfing with a modern browser like Firefox 3, Safari 4, Internet Explorer 8 or others.

But pay attention if you don’t understand anything about this browser-talk and just don’t get it!

Take a minute and think about:

  • Do you often think that a website is broken or looks like crap?
  • Does your Anti-Virus-Software often warn you while you’re online?
  • Does your browser/computer often crash?
  • Do you wonder why your friends talk about all the cool stuff they saw online – but you never noticed anything of that?

Then you’re probably still on Internet Explorer 6, the worst and most dangerous of all browsers. IE6 is insecure, old and – let’s just say it: Shit.

Or in nicer words, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was not made for nowadays websites, online-applications and internet activities. Plus, there is no reason for using it anymore, because upgrading is simple and free…


Okay, i understand, not everybody is a computer-guru, internet-freak or software-expert. But you don’t have to be one of these species to realize that the time for Internet Explorer 6 is over – not only because Microsoft released version 8 last week.

Maybe it helps you to give you some handy examples. Imagine these situations from your offline life:

Surfing with Internet Explorer 6 is like…

  • …in cinema, you’re looking forward to the movie but it starts and the sound is too quiet.
  • …on a fine party, beautiful people everywhere but you’re wearing a sweaty jogging suit.
  • …at the ATM, typing the pin code and noticing a guy staring over your shoulder.
  • …first hot date and you’re knocking over the full glass of red wine.
  • …you’re receiving an unexpected bill, your lover leaves you, the car had to break down, it starts to rain, you’ve forgot the keys and are already too late.

But you still can make it! It’s not too late to…

  • …go to another cinema the next time.
  • …take some time for a decent shower, perfume and stylish outfit.
  • …kick the guy at the ATM in the balls and call the police.
  • …just laugh about yourself, say sorry and try to pull off his/her clothes quickly anyway.
  • …make a better money plan, send red roses, call a taxi, buy an umbrella, get the spare key from anywhere and hurry up finally!

It’s that easy! Hurry up and install a modern browser! Become a better surfer, be an Internet-Idol!

And the best way to do it is to do it NOW.

Here is my recommendation: Firefox 3 by the Mozilla Foundation

More: Do not want IE6 Wiki

Author: MaXsiM

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2 thoughts on “Please stop using Internet Explorer 6!”

  1. Amen to this whole article lol – IE6 makes my head hurt, especially if and when I actually have to use it (ie. public places haven’t upgraded yet) no tabs, no nothing…

    The fact that anybody still uses it amazes me to be quite honest, but apparently LOTS of people still do!

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