Photoshop Template: Old Photograph!

A couple of weeks ago i wrote the post “The End of Polaroid” that contains a free Photoshop-Template Download.

That post became to be very popular, it attracts many people who are looking for Photoshop stuff and inspiration.

So i thought it would be nice to create another Photoshop Template and let your screenshots and photos appear to be 100 years old…

The magic of old photographs

Old Photograph Photoshop Template

This is the result of the template if you don’t change anything. It’s yellowed, has the typical frayed frame, many splotches and some scratches.

The example photo of Breana Kox is included as well.

Change the Template to fit your needs

The template is very flexible and you can change almost everything by using only simple Photoshop functions.

Have a look at the layer window in Photoshop:

Layer Window

I think it’s pretty much self-explaining and at least good enough to fool around with!

BTW: You also can open the .psd-file with other programs, like “The Gimp” for example.

Download the Photoshop-Template and have fun

You can download the here.

You are free to use it for whatever you want, but you’re not allowed to sell it (just like always).

Pimp up your screenshots, galleries, artwork and stories!

Just put your own shot above the “ExamplePic” layer and cut/transform it to make it fit into the frame. All effects will take place automatically and you can change everything easily.

After the Polaroid-Template i hope you’ll like the Old Photograph as well. So long, get inspired!

Author: MaXsiM

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