No Sex – But Blood?

I often think about possible reasons why you can buy any kind of shooter games in every shop around next corner, but won’t find any high quality game with a sexual topic out there.

Are people more afraid of sex than of guns? Do people like blood more than sweat and cum? Or is it only a problem of the chaotic international laws that detain big studios to produce a “friendly game for adults”…

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Welcome Message!

I’m happy to start the mxm-blog today!

This homepage is something like the back end of my numerous web-projects and i will talk about different aspects of my work. So don’t expect fantasy stuff or only typical Sims topics here. I’m planning to publish much more themes, such as webmaster tipps, graphic workshops or just uncategorized statements about this and that. Just let us see what the future will bring. Anyway, i hope you will bookmark mxm-blog and come back often ;)

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