Over and Out: Lively shuts down!

Typical Lively: Anonymous Authors, Standard Rooms, 0 Visitors...
Typical Lively: Anonymous Authors, Standard Rooms, 0 Visitors...

Not everything that Google touches turns into gold immediately.

Personally i liked Google’s 3D-Chat Lively when it launched in early July. Now, only 4 and a half months later, it’s over. Google is shutting down Lively on December 31.

It’s a tough decision – but isn’t it a bit too harsh?

I mean, Lively was far from being perfect or innovative. I always thought it was launched way too soon. Too many bugs (really terrible ones) a strange login/logoff/login/logoff-procedure and not the quickest support on board…

But it wasn’t that bad! Not bad enough to be killed after such a short term! I’m wondering why they not only put Lively back into Google Labs and give it time to improve and grow in silence…

OK, after all i think it’s a money decision. There’s no money to earn in Lively, not for Google and not for occupants with professional or semi-professional ambitions. Those are still in Second Life…

Who cares, it’s over.

The MXM-Room will stay open until the very last second. Soon i will visit the room and make some screenshots that i will post here. Just to remember…

I’m sorry for all who joined Lively and are getting homeless again ;)

Author: MaXsiM

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  1. And thank you for your comment ;)

    I like your pictures, especially the second one is very funny.

    Your Emo art is pretty much interesting for a “normal” guy like me. I think it’s very creative and that’s what i like.

    Thanks for visiting my site, stay tuned ;)

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