MXMD – Media Display

While i was creating the new “Luisa B.” story, i remembered the good old times when i released my stories as Flash media files. This way it was possible to add interactive stuff to a comic.

I probably was the first guy who added animations and special views (remember the “Wand”-Button in “Elfish Spell”?) to his picture stories.

To be honest, it always was a pain in the ass to work with Flash. Not to talk about the typical security troubles, plugin worries and… (list goes on and on). So it got on my nerves and i turned over to create more normal image galleries and – until today – handy pdf ebooks, which i still think are cool.

I was right to get rid of Flash. Now, in 2015, we know that Flash is pretty much dead. With our modern html5/css/jquery technology in mind Flash is only a grumpy software dinosaur – only needless crap.

MaXimal Media Display!

Well, i mixed all these thoughts together and came up with the idea to program a new story viewer that can have nice animations and extras like in the old days, but by using only modern browser languages.

So i spent the last few days with programming and came up with a well working version 1.01 of the MXMD – the MaXimal Media Display (or simply MX Media Display).

It was a tough task but i must confess that the most tricky part was to come up with a catchy name :)

OK, you may ask, but what is it and what can it do? Here some facts:


  • It’s an interactive viewer for picture stories, comics and alike.
  • It’s made with only html, css and javascript.
  • It runs in any up-to-date browser.
  • No installation of anything required.
  • No plugins or special programs required.
  • There’s no security risk or anything like that, due to outdated software.
  • It also works offline. No change of Firewall settings required.
  • Technology is future proof and easily maintainable.
  • It scrolls nicely through the pages of a picture show. In both directions, fore and back.
  • Ability to have secret pages and other special shots, like Point of View or other features.
  • There’s a menu from where you can navigate through the story.
  • There’s a startscreen and space for extra info.

So far so good, regarding the upcoming “Luisa B.” story, i can add this (without spoiling too much):


  • Main pictures will be in 16:9 by a width of 1200px.
  • Although the MXMD is able to handle animations, videos and sound, there’s no plan to have such in “Luisa B.”
  • Most pics will look “real”, some will look comic-like, and some will be black/white or artful.
  • Some pics will come with special views! Pov (Point of view) and Anaglyph 3D are planned. Maybe some more.
  • Buttons will be small, half-transparent and self-explaining. Sneak peak:


The current version (1.01) of the MXMD works very well, but i still have ideas for future versions. Anyway, it’s no question that this thing will make it way cooler to view my comics.

Look forward to “Luisa B.” and see by yourself ;)

Author: MaXsiM

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