Master Class Workshop: Final Test of Part 1!

I finished Part 1 of the “MXM Master Class of Sims Art” Workshop Series a couple of days ago. Now it’s time to see if you have read everything and understood a few things.

I give you 5 questions you should be able to answer with no problem. If you pass this little test you can call yourself “MXM-Activist”, which is the first of ten titles i have to present…

How does the test work?

I write the workshop series only for you, or – better said – for all of you who want to be able to create better Sims stories, shoot hotter pictures and get deeper into themes like texturing, meshing and modding at all.

This little test is just a way how you can check your own abilities by yourself. It depends on you how serious you take it.

Here’s how the test works:

  • I give you 5 questions to answer.
  • Every questions has 3 possible answers. Choose the right one.
  • You will find the correct combinations at the bottom of this page.
  • If you’ve answered wrong, just follow the link next to the correct answer to read the explaining post again.

Are you ready? Don’t worry, it’s really not a hard test. Have fun…

Final Test of “Part 1, Introduction”. Are you a MXM-Activist?

  1. Why do you need to install Microsoft’s “Framework 2.0”?
    a) Because everybody loves Microsoft. b) Because SimPe requires it. c) Because you can frame the Sims with it.
  2. What is Photoshop?
    a) A most powerful graphic-software. b) A successful Online-Shop for Photo-Prints. c) A software to shoot Photos with the mouse.
  3. Which is the standard file-type of Sims Textures?
    a) I only download ZIP-files. b) BMP Bitmaps c) TXT! It means Texture!
  4. Where do you put downloaded files?
    a) Into the installation directory. b) I burn them on the installation DVD. c) I put them into the “Downloads” folder.
  5. How do you uninstall unwanted programs?
    a) I format the Hard Disk. b) I call the Service-Hotline. c) I use the Windows Control Panel.

And? What do you think?

You see, it wasn’t that hard. Go and check if your answers meet the truth. If you still need to know more follow the links to the related posts.

In a few days i will start Part 2 of the Master Class Workshop, where we will finally go In-Game. So long…

Correct answers: 1b (look here), 2a (also here), 3b (here), 4c (looky looky), 5c (herey)

Author: MaXsiM

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