Master Class Part 2: Cheats and Hacks!

Master Class Part 2

After spontaneously starting “Part 6: SimPose” last weekend just let’s make a soft turn and proceed with the second part of the MXM Master Class of Sims Art Workshop:

In-Game Techniques!

You will learn to control your Sims easier and shoot better Pictures and Videos. It’s not very complicated but you need to be accurate, though.

In this chapter i tell you something about the most helpful mods and some more tricks, check it out…

The Window-Mode!

When you want to create advanced stories and videos – and that’s the reason for this workshop series – you MUST play in Window-Mode.

Playing in Window-Mode makes it much easier to shoot and organize pictures. You don’t need to shut down the game, you can simply minimize it just like any other application.

So how can you open the Sims in Window-Mode?

It’s easy. Go to the game’s installation directory and make a shortcut of “TheSims2.exe”. Forgotten how it works? Read 6 simple things about your pc.

Have a look, you might already have a shortcut on your desktop! Right-Click on it and open “Properties”. In the line “Target” write -w at the end. Also put a space between the main line and the -w. It should look like >> TheSims2.exe” -w <<

Where can you find cheat codes and more tricks?

Most people don’t know that they don’t need to search on websites or inside the game for Cheat-Codes. Cheat-Codes are official part of the game, supported by Maxis. So don’t be afraid about cheats.

In the installation directory there is a folder “Support” that contains a readme in different languages. I know what you think, you don’t want to read a boring readme file.

Let me tell you it’s not that boring. In fact the readme contains all the cool information! I’m only telling you what’s still written down.

Every Expansion Pack has its own readme in the Support Folder. Go and have a read. It’s so damned cool…

How to activate Cheats

Most Cheats you can activate while you’re on a Sims-Lot. Push the keys “CTRL” and “Shift“, hold them and push “C“. This will open the Cheat-Panel. Now you need to write the required Cheat-Code into the line and hit the “Enter” button.

Normally the Cheat-Panel will close automatically afterwards, but sometimes it will not. Then push “ESC” or write the word “Exit” into the line and hit the Enter-Key.

Cheats and Hacks!

It makes no sense to explain every single Cheat-Code here. We will activate them in the following lessons step by step.

But i want to tell you about some very helpful hacks that every storyteller and movie maker should (must) have.

Will Hacks destroy my game?

Many newbies think that hacks are bad and will destroy the game. But that’s not true. The typical Sims-Hacks are very harmless and don’t do anything bad.

Technically those Hacks are the same like any other custom-made download.

Right, you always have to be careful with files from the Internet. But as long you get them from well-known fansites you won’t get into trouble.

So where can i get all those sexy newd Cheats?

I tell it once again, just for the fast readers: There are no Cheats or Hacks that can make your Sims have Sex. Not in the detailed and extraordinary way you know from MXM stories.

That’s what you’re going to learn in this Master Class Workshop. My Sims don’t do it in the game.

Some very great Hacks, Tools and Cheat-Files!

There are some great files out there that are worth a try.

I highly recommend to visit the websites of the original authors and read all the stuff there!

Censor Hack / Censor Remover
The first that everybody wants to have. It removes the censor grid when Sims take a shower… Visit Simsky to get the file and detailed info about the Sims Censor Remover.

Camera Mod
Simply a must-be. With this Hack you can move the camera however you want. It was made by GunMod and can be found on Like always, it’s a little bit confusing, but anyway, get GunMod’s great Camera Mod here.

This hack enables you to manipulate the reaction of a Sim and choose which animation starts. Without such a hack the Sims will always look the same in every story. Visit and go to “Mods”. There you can download the file “TS2 Studios 0.4B”, made by Ceedj. Don’t forget to read the ReadMe.txt.

Shaklin’s Hacks
I use 2 Hacked Objects made by Shaklin who is offline unfortunately. The first is the “Skins-At-Home-Dresser” wardrobe, which makes you able to change (and even buy) clothes when the Sim is at home. Very useful!

Second is the “Model-Animation-Changer“, a simple method to change the face impression and walk style of a Sim. Though Shaklin is off you can download the files here.

Even more Sims-Hacks!

This should be enough for the beginning. There are further more hacks out there but i don’t think that you need every single one of them.

But if you want to try more hacked objects you should check this list of useful mods for stories and machinima on It’s a very impressing collection!

Britannicadreams offers you some excellent tutorials too. Read it all empty!

BTW: Please always remember to read everything that’s written on the creators website! And help them to keep the motor running!


All right, this was the first post of the MXM Master Class Part 2: In-Game Techniques!

I told you about the window-mode and the most important/helpful Hacks and Mods you can use to make better pictures of your Sims.

I also explained that you don’t have to be afraid of Cheats and Hacks. You can always switch them off if you want to return to normal playing.

Storytelling and Movie Making means that you have to stop playing. You must force the Sims to do what you want them to do – that’s what hacks are for.

I think next time i will show you how i act inside the game. We will use some very simple tricks that improve the quality of your photos a lot!

Stay tuned

Author: MaXsiM

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