Luisa’s 4 1/2 weeks recap

4 and a half weeks after the release of the latest mxm 3Dx comic “Luisa B.” it’s time for a short recap. If you don’t know what Luisa B. is, register at its pixel-rich website and enjoy. It’s free!

All others should log into their accounts as well, because the site is under ongoing development and many things already have changed since May 8, the day when the site went on.

Before i go into detail, look at the new post-release poster, simplicity rocks :)

Luisa B. Post-Release Poster: Heels




First of all, i feel sorry for all of you who had/have trouble with joining Quite a few people needed to register a second time, but with another mail-address, because they didn’t receive the activation mail. This is out of my control. But sorry ;)

To top this mess i had problems with my own mail account during the first days, so i couldn’t answer some requests. Shit happens. I only can encourage you to try it again, Luisa B. is worth it.

I check the site, database and related mails at least 3 times a day to see if everything works and to be ready for troubleshooting. latest updates

The three most catchy changes that happened recently:

  • Gift: Members will receive an exclusive download when they fill out all optional settings.
  • There’s a preview page with infos about the next episode. WiP, Infos and Spoilers.
  • A better member landing page. Less text, better linking and a gallery with additional renders, outtakes and such.

A more detailed list of the updates you can find on the new info page, made for visitors who are not logged in. Also perfect if you’re in a hurry and just want to see if there are news without the need to have a 2-hour password search :D

Die Anmeldeseite ist jetzt auch in deutscher Sprache verf├╝gbar. hat auch einen komplett deutschen Mitgliederbereich.

Future plans

I continue to add new content and functionality to At the moment i have implemented the most important features that were on my task list, and the site runs pretty good, so i mainly concentrate on creating the next episode.

There will be more to tell you about Luisa B. Part 2 soon, here on my blog as well as on the preview page at It’s going to be hot!

Thanks for reading, see you soon.

Author: MaXsiM

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