Luisa B. Morning Fever Release Date

Oh, i hate the word “soon” when it comes to releases, and i hate to make excuses. I wanted to give you a serious Luisa B. Part 2 release date, i have one in mind, but i can’t be sure if i can manage to match it. So, no promises that i can’t keep, no excuses i need to make.

But wait, these are actually good news! Don’t get me wrong. The Production is running well. But my 3Dx comics are made in my spare time, i give them away for free, and i’ve learned from the mistakes i did in the past. That means, i really enjoy playing with Luisa, but i can’t do it 24/7. I don’t want to set myself into panic and don’t want to freak out my dear audience because of broken deadlines.

Here’s the Morning Fever Release Poster! It doesn’t provide a date and “shortly” means pretty much the same than “soon”, but i thought it would be nice to give you something to look at:

Luisa B. Morning Fever Release Poster

What else do i have to say about Luisa’s latest 3Dx sexventure? Please don’t read further if you’re afraid of SPOILERS!

Luisa B. – Part 2 – Morning Fever

After Part 1 – Best Friends being more of an introduction of the new world of eraXXX comics (it’s the third era (Dreams of…) Luisa-Comics go through), Morning Fever is more comprehensive.

Serious SPOILER-WARNING again!

The story plays at 4 different locations. Three new male characters will be introduced, as well as Amy Lee (a hot redhead with big saggy tits), who plays Luisa’s secretary Alina. Apart from all the fun situations and ongoing storytelling, Part 2 features three stunning sex-scenes. And more newd pixels and erotic naughtiness than ever before.

While we enjoyed the lesbian scene between Luisa and Roxy in Part 1, chances are very high that Luisa will forget her lesbianship for a moment when she gets struck by the morning fever. BTW, everything in Part 2 happens before 10am, those girls never dry out.

The morning fever is a sexual virus that makes women urge for something big that’s being pushed deeply in their asses. Anal Sex is the practice of choice in LB2. You will also witness a fantastic outdoor scene.

Hm, what else? The story consists of 113 pages with about 150 renders, plus MXMD extras. I’ve also decided to revamp the website, to make it easier for newbies to get it, and way more fun for registered users. I hope it will be the last layout change for a long time.

I already mentioned that Part 1 – Best Friends will be available as PDF ebook for members when Part 2 is released. And to close this post, i want to let you know that the pre-production of Part 3 has started already.

Visit, register, login, enjoy Luisa B. on her dedicated website

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