Legs missing: Rockbabes amputated!

One duck with two legs is crossing the road. Two ducks with four leg are crossing the road. Three ducks with six legs are crossing the road…

If you look at this simple math-for-kindergarten-kids explanation, what would you say if i change the term “ducks” into “models”?

When you take three models to pose on a photo, how many legs need to be arranged?

Six? No, sorry, that’s wrong. Models are no ducks, so three of them only have… four legs! Or even less.

Here’s the proof…

Lack of talent meets Photoshop!

Some people think that they will become able to play great music only because they spent 5.000 Dollars for a guitar.

Other people believe that it’s only possible to create cooooool designs when they’re working on a Mac.

There are also people who think that it’s enough to just own Adobe Photoshop to be a great designer.

You can continue this list endlessly. But these examples are enough to show what happens when the lack of talent meets – well, too many legs.

Tatler Rockbabes brutally amputated!

Tatler is a British magazine that features the daughters of 3 famous rockstars on the cover of the January issue.

Kimberly Stewart (Rod Stewart), Leah Wood (Ronny Wood/Rolling Stones) and Peaches Geldorf (Bob Geldorf) are posing naked for the magazine, a beautiful picture so far…

OK, back to the beginning’s lesson and count the legs. Look carefully at the rockbabes and try to find our where they got their legs:

One, Two, hm, Three, no, that's...??? WTF?
One, Two, hm, Three, no, that's...??? WTF?

After a while you will notice, that it’s physically impossible to pose this way. At least the right legs of Leah Wood and Peaches Geldorf are missing; and i better don’t want to know if Kimberly’s left leg is still there :-\

I wonder what happened here. What happened at the shooting that this apparently nice photo needed to be castrated this way? What was so wrong with those legs?

It’s nasty but i think that most people didn’t recognize the photoshoped trouble when they saw the magazine at the kiosk. But anyway…

It is a beautiful arrangement that has been destroyed by some cretins!

For more fascinating stuff like this we have great websites like PhotoshopDisasters – i recommend to visit that site to get a feeling of the lack of talent that currently seems to happen in the professional photo design business.


Photo was taken from the tatler website: tatler.co.uk

Author: MaXsiM

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