In Memoriam of Bettie Page!

Betty Page Pin-up Icon
Bettie Page Pin-up Icon

I’m sure you have seen this face before. The person on this photo has a special style, a taste that one can’t forget. It’s the strong charisma and defiant look of this model that let her appear on more magazine covers than Marilyn Monroe and Cindy Crawford together.

Although Bettie Page retired from modeling in 1957 to live a religious life she never became to be forgotten. Quite the contrary: Bettie Page is still a world-wide known Pin-Up-Icon, the face of erotic photography, respected and worshiped by everybody who has a sense for beauty…

Bettie Page’s inspiring art!

Groundbreaking Vamp-Pose
Groundbreaking Vamp-Pose

Bettie Page’s art is still a big influence to Photographers, Superstars (Madonna) and Topmodels as well as an inspiration for sub-cultures like Gothic, Emo, other Fetish-Styles and the New Burlesque (Dita von Teese).

It’s also counted as historical fact that Bettie Page has prepared the ground for the sexual revolution in the late 1960’s. Only Bettie herself never certified that.

She was very poor for a long time until a smart lawyer managed to drive Bettie’s royalties in. Many of her photos had been published without proper licensing so far…

A Pin-Up revolutionist!

Bettie Page in her famous Leppard-Dress
Bettie Page in her famous Leopard-Dress

Bettie Page started as a model in so-called “Camera Clubs” which was the only way for men to shoot nude art photos without getting arrested.

Bettie quickly became very famous due to her natural and unrestrained manner (in front of a camera). Her career also led her to New York where she tried to break through on Broadway. Bettie was also invited to film castings in Hollywood but the fools didn’t sign her because of Bettie’s southern accent.

Hollywood and Broadway didn’t work for Bettie Page, she always remained to be a Pin-Up Girl.

The first Bondage model!

Also sexy in black and white
Also sexy in black and white

Bettie Page is also known as the world’s first model for Bondage and BDSM Photography. And of course she’s also responsible for the success of a dance form called striptease.

In the 1950’s this style of photos and movies was most provoking, though nobody would find those motives offensive nowadays. Bettie never officially appeared in explicit pornographic poses.

Side note: It’s cynical that today’s companies like Google try to censor erotic art in the same manner like judges did in the 1950’s. Following Google’s new censorship-terms it is definitely not allowed to show Bettie Page’s art on YouTube, for example.

Bettie Page dance performance!

I found a nice movie anyway. It’s a stage performance of Bettie and when you imagine that she did this in the early 1950’s it becomes obvious where all the typical standard poses of today’s models come from:

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Farewell Bettie!

Yesterday, on December 11, Bettie Page died in Los Angeles at the age of 85.

She’s gone, but the Pin-Up-Goddess is still alive.

Farewell Bettie
Farewell Bettie

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