How i returned to tumblr…

…and why?

Short story: Many, if not most, 3Dx Artists are still trusting tumblr and releasing their works on that not-so-cool-than-it-seems (but it’s free, hey!) blogging platform. I want to support those artists with likes and reblogs, so i’ve created a new account, after my old one was deleted by tumblr many months ago.

Long story: I was a tumblr for many years, joined when it was brand new, and i liked it. I ran a few sexy photo blogs that were quite successful, and i really took care about proper source linking and all that right from the start. I also had my ‘smutboard’ and another blog on which i released some of my original stuff…

One day everything was gone, including my original art and posts. No warning, no explanation. tumblr/yahoo had just deleted my precious blogs. I’ve written about it here.

After all, i got over it. The world keeps on turning. In fact it was my own fault. I should have known how those internet giants work. They love angel investors, know every single trick about avoiding taxes and manipulating stock exchange, and they gracefully ‘share’ everything they know with the NSA and alike. But that doesn’t hold them back from playing the moral sense and swinging the ban hammer when you reblog the wrong photos or set a wrong link. Or whatever they think is wrong. Maybe you only have the wrong nose.

Anyway, when i got more interested in 3D-Art recently, i found out that there’s a huge 3Dx community on tumblr. The only way to be a part of it is to open an account. So i’m back on track with Precious3D. But i’ve learned from the disaster, so:

  • I will never ever in my life post my original content on tumblr.
  • I will only re-blog stuff i originally posted on my own sites.
  • I will use precious3D mainly to support other artists, follow, like and re-blog.

Consequently i will not re-blog ‘real’ photos, or add affiliate links or embeds from other sites. Or things might run out of control easily.

You see that i didn’t change my mind about tumblr. I still think it isn’t a nice company, it isn’t better than blogspot (i once believed that). And it’s a bit dangerous to trust tumblr when you want to release original content there.

I’m back because the 3Dx community is there. It’s easier to stay in touch, that’s all. I just don’t take it that serious like in my first tumblr area :)

Author: MaXsiM

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