How i Retouch/Photoshop Virtual Erotic Models!

Virtual or natural – there is no difference when it comes to retouching…

When you look at today’s magazines, all the beautiful models are photoshopped like there wasn’t a new day tomorrow. As long as the result is not a freaky alien-like caricature we all like the perfect skin, hot curves and so on…

I recently saw a before-after photo that demonstrated all the reparations and modifications on a bikini model…

I thought Hey! It’s exactly what i am doing to the characters of my erotic story Luisa & The Elfish Spell! Most of the hot pics are intensively retouched and photoshopped.

So i created a before-after picture with one of my latest creations, the sexy contest winner Zelda…

Virtual models also need to be retouched!

When you make a photo of your avatar the result is often not too pretty. In case you use SimPose to make custom scenes with your Sims the result is never satisfying. Those photos need retouching like they were “real”.

While the retouching technically isn’t very complicated to do, it’s still a very time intense task. Look at my before-after pic (click on this thumbnail):

Retouching techniques in detail!

You don’t need to have an up-to-date and state-of-the-art editor like Photoshop. I’m sure other editors also have the perfect tools and can do most of the required things as well.

Here’s more about the tools i use for different retouching tasks:

  1. For Hair Reparation i use Brushes, Stamps and even custom-made hair patterns
  2. Skin smoothing can be done with the blur tool. Larger areas with the Gaussian Blur Filter
  3. Skimming is more complicated. I prefer to redraw such areas with the Pen Tool, make selection and fill it with the Smudge Tool

I know this isn’t very detailed information but i hope it gives you the idea. After all, you will find many retouching tutorials on the web – you can use the same methods on your avatar ;)

Don’t forget to check out the complete gallery of the virtual model shown here, Zelda Full Nude on

Author: MaXsiM

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  1. Another great update. Keep it up! Looking forward to how you do backgrounds, lining up with the furniture etc.

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