Harder Better Faster Stronger Dancing Girl!

It doesn’t happen very often that i sit still for about 3 minutes with my mouth wide open, in blank astonishment!

I’m only asking how the hell can anybody dance this way?

This dancing girl should definitely work in the Sims 3 animation department! It really would shoot the sims’ movements into higher spaces but i’m afraid that the motion capture equipment just would explode :)

I never saw anything better (at least today), i must share this clip with you:

How the hell can anybody develop such a huge repertoire of groovy dance movements? She’s not from this planet.

I also like the great light show :)

Update: I changed the video source to the original youtube channel. See the other 2 clips and read more about this dancing girl in the post…

About Sophie Merry!

The dancer’s name is Sophie Merry, 26, from Ireland.

Sophie Merry is a groovy dancing girl
Sophie Merry is a groovy dancing girl

Due to her funny youtube dance video she’s not only called “Ireland’s best youtube star” but also got a deal for a Jeans advertisement campaign.

It’s good to see that life is fair sometimes…

She just did it to have fun!

Sophie just danced to that Draft Punk song in her friend’s garden. Later she decided to speed it up which made the clip extremely funny looking.

Sophie Merry
Sophie Merry

After the clip was on youtube it took more than a year to reach 1 million viewers. Only one month later Sophie’s dance performance crossed the 2 million mark.

There is a nice interview with Sophie Merry on this blog that tells the whole story in Sophie’s own words.

If you want to see more of Sophie’s amazing dance clips, best visit her youtube channel or myspace site.

Her Nickname is BandyToaster, her friends call her “Irish Crazy Frog“…

However, i’m already looking forward to clip #4 :)

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  1. Thank you very much for the link. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview – Sophie was a very pleasant person to talk to, funny, charming and well deserves the success that she has had.

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