Games do not kill. Guns do!

This is my contribution to the so-called “killer games” debate.

Games do not kill. Guns do!
Games do not kill. Guns do!

Background: Last week, the asshole Tim K. killed 15 people in Germany. I’m sure you’ve heard about that bestial act on the news. Now, once again, some foolish politicians and incompetent journalists try to get/make big headlines with the blood of the victims – and they choose the simplest explanation: It’s the fault of so-called “killer games” that asshole Tim K. became to be a monster.

They are wrong. Games do not kill. But assholes with guns do.

There also is the flickr group “Games do not kill” where you can post your own screenshots if you want to show that there are no guns in your life.

Author: MaXsiM

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2 thoughts on “Games do not kill. Guns do!”

  1. You know,

    I’m all for you here except for how your going about it… “there are no guns in my life”? If guns are the cause of violence then it’s just as plausible that games are the cause of violence, I’m a sportsman shooter, it’s fun, I enjoy it… doesn’t mean I go around killing people! Accountability has lost it’s place in this world… TIM K KILLED PEOPLE, not guns, not games, not his abusive parents… TIM K!!! Why is it that people are so obsessed with trying to find an excuse for bad people? Stop giving them an out! There are guns in my life, there are games in my life, but there is no violence in my life.

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