Forgotten Lara C. Fanart Drawings retouched!

A tribute to the brilliant erotic (fan)art of Julius Zimmerman…

These drawings are way to good to get forgotten on the interweb! I stumbled over some of them some time ago, and it left me speechless. As an L.C. addict i needed to start a deeper research. I found some more pictures but their very poor resolution and “gif”-quality pissed me off.

Luckily i also found the master’s (inactive?) account on deviantart where he makes clear that it is allowed to republish and even rework his drawings. Well, that was my signal! But i didn’t go too far… read what i have done to the original art below the gallery.

After all, i learned that the artist J. Zimmerman is well known for his many sorts of brilliant hardcore drawings, mainly his fanart. Let me focus on his Lara works which mainly were created between 2000 and 2010.  So, if you have strong sexual fantasies about “Tomb Raider” Lady Croft, the following pictures will be like just made for you. They’re stunning…

Lara Croft – drawn in a strong sexual way!

Before you pop up the Zimmerman drawings, please understand that the pictures show sexual motives, sometimes heavily (but sometimes also pretty ironical and funny). It’s only for adults who are interested in pornographic art. Obviously, there is no relation to the original games, movies and all that… it’s easy to see ;)

The pictures are uncompressed jpg files, so expect some loading time. Enjoy:


The Retouching!

I didn’t want to mess with the drawings. What you see are the original drawings by Julius Zimmerman, or at least the versions i found on the web that appeared to be original.

I changed the filename to the original title of the drawing, as far as it was stated (and readable) on the drawing. Of course i left Zimmerman’s signature untouched. Anyway, there is one pic that doesn’t contain a sign, since somebody else removed it before. I still think it is a J.Z., it seems to, so i put it in the gallery as well.

The retouching was done in Photoshop.

  1. I enlarged the pics (bicubic smooth resample)
  2. I focused on the contrast and brightness. It was important to keep all the little details and shadings and to keep the original atmosphere. This step wasn’t made by only moving the brightness/contrast sliders ;)
  3. I removed the jpeg artefacts as good as i could.
  4. In only a few cases i added a very soft texture effect to give the picture a more “on paper” look.
  5. Finally, since all (except 2) pictures are in vertical format, i reduced the maximal size-length to 1000px, to make the pics fit better on any average Joe’s screen.
  6. As i’ve written above, i gave the files proper names and saved them as uncompressed .jgp.

I hope you enjoy the retouched versions of Julius Zimmerman’s Lara Croft fanart. Let me also thank all the people who kept this art alive over the last decade. Feel free to share this stuff on other sites but always respect the master’s copyright and give proper credits.

Author: MaXsiM

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