Chathouse Roulette 3D in Open Beta!

Everybody can now join thriXXX’ new online game and should give it a try…

I’m just back from my first trip into the Chathouse. Let me give you some fresh impressions.

Chathouse 3D is an online platform where you can dress/undress and customize your avatar and meet other people’s avatars in a virtual room – and have Sex.

It’s a Sex Chat Platform in a virtual 3D World.

Currently the game is in Open Beta, which means that everybody can join it for free AND – bummer – even upgrade to the uncensored full version for free! <- Only as long as the Open Beta phase.

All you need to do is to subscribe at, download the launcher and follow the official instructions. Nothing too complicated. Everything can be done via the website and launcher.

After launching the game it’s best practice to join the dressing room and pimp up your avatar. Of course i was pretty much interested about the quality of the 3D-Models and animations.

Chathouse 3D Dressing Room
The Standard Female Avatar in the Dressing Room.


Portrait of the standard Chathouse 3D Avatar
A closer look at the models face. Don’t like the lips too much.


Chathouse 3D Content Browser
The Content Browser is already filled with options of all sorts.


I spent about 20 minutes to create a nice “girl-from-next-door” avatar who i called “Claudia” for no special reason :)

I played with the customizers for the face and body and wasn’t too impressed here. Sexvilla has got many more options (still not enough). But after all, say hello to Claudia:

Topless Claudia in Chathouse 3D
I would love to give Claudia other nipples, but couldn’t figure out how.

You must know that Chathouse has got a completely new graphic engine, that has been announced to stand far above the current v2-Engine that is being used by Sexvilla 2.

But to be honest, the difference between v2 and v3 are very little. There may be technical facts that make v3 the better thing, but from the visual point of view i’m not impressed.

There is no hair gravitation, no mesh collision, nothing that Sexvilla users expected from the v3-Engine. But still there are the same old glitches! And Shirts that have the same collision holes we know so well from v2.

Chathouse 3D Mesh Glitches
thriXXX did it again! None-Curvy but awkward buttocks and sloppily made animations.


But let’s be fair. Chathouse 3D isn’t meant to be the latest state-of-the-art designer platform for virtual 3D-Babes. It also isn’t a Sexvilla follow-up.

Chathouse is for chatting and – if it happens so – to have virtual sex. It heavily reminds me on the long forgotten lively by google… don’t know exactly why, though.

Let’s see. It still lacks of options to customize and personalize. After all, Chathouse could be a useful and fun application, not only for sex. Future (and thriXXX’ marketing strategy, if there is something like this) will tell.

Chathouse 3D customized body
You have many options to customize the model’s body, already.


Undressed Avatar in Chathouse 3D
In Beta you can completely undress your avatar and see all the details.


So, while Claudia doesn’t look too ugly at all, i can only recommend you to give Chathouse 3D a try. It’s not perfect, it’s unfinished, because it is still Beta! But it’s free and it doesn’t hurt :)

My first joining with Claudia happened more by an accident than by a plan. Normally i’m not a guy who is wearing female outfits and acts like a woman. But it turned out to be a fun experience, it was different and interesting to see how horny guys act when a nice girl joins the room :)

No harm done, i’m not fooling people and i also met at least one nice guy ;)

But maybe i should make a male avatar as well… may be a bit more authentic. And if you join Chathouse 3D as well, remember, there are bugs:


Chathouse 3D Sock Bug
Where is my other sock?



Author: MaXsiM

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