For Patrons: When Sisters Play!

The new 35-page picture story “When Sisters Play”, featuring the original characters Luisa and Sybil B., is now available for my patrons.

Please become a patron to support me! It really helps to continue creating.

“When Sisters Play” is a lesbian incest story that comes with a lovely comic look and – of course – very perverted and unique sex action. It’s pretty funny as well :)

You need to become a “Supporter” patron (only 3,-/month) to download the PDF.


That was quick: SEXXI 8!

Jokes aside, it took more than 2 years to create the 8th issue of the former SexVilla Fanmag SEXXI. The huge project Luisa B. (already 3 episode á 100+ pages have been released) sucked out all of my energy.

Finally i kicked my butt and finished the new issue which is fully in 3Dx now. Goodbye Sexvilla, it was a nice time ;)

SEXXI 8 is also my first real “patron-only” release on

I know that will hurt many of the fans. But know what? It’s time for me to do this step! I seem to be the fucking only idiot on earth who still gives away fullrange 3Dx content for nothing more than a wet handshake.

So far, my attempts to gain some patrons are really a fiasco :D I think it’s my fault, i only used half-heartedly. And i’m still not sure if there are still people interested in supporting me with a few bucks.

I’m not that blind than Lillian Goodwill! I can clearly see that there are tons of really good 3Dx creators out there, and money doesn’t grow on trees for anybody (including me). The more i do appreciate your support!

Anyway, SEXXI 8 is a super hot reason for you to become a MXM Patron! Here’s the cover:

sexxi 08 coverThanks for reading, have fun with SEXXI 8.

Regarding SEXXI…

Quite unexpectedly i’ve made a bit of progress during the last couple of days. Earlier i’ve told you that this year is really messed up and i’m having ongoing trouble to find enough time and the right mindset to create new smut… but don’t lets talk ’bout that.

Let us focus on sexier things. I’ve just managed to finish more than a half of the next SEXXI issue. To learn more about this 3Dx homage to old-school porn magazines please visit It’s – you guessed it – free.

The new issue will be the first that’s completely made with 3Dx, you won’t find a single SexVilla pic anymore. Also, it will contain some more pages than the original 18.

Enough talk, here’s a preview!

sexxi_preview_black_lavender_smallThe pic is an outtake of a series that will hopefully continue in future SEXXI issues and is called “Black Lavender Dungeon”. It shows Hyen Yong and her victim Julia, a new model.

Finishing SEXXI 8 (or is it 9?) will still take a little while but the only thing i worry about is if i will release it on or only on patreon? But that’s another story…

Blind Trust has been released!

To create a Luisa B. episode is always a really heavy task. For me, the latest episode ‘Blind Trust’ was even a bit harder to make.  It took a long time to produce but i think it was worth it. It’s a very rich episode, very naughty, and i hope you won’t be disappointed. So:

Luisa B. Episode 3 “Blind Trust” has been released on!

Go and check it out!

The last couple of days (or weeks?) i was working more or less non-stop to get the story done finally. It was great fun, a nice challenge as well, but to be honest, also stressed me quite a lot. At the moment i’m very happy that the story is online, uploading new stuff to the site is always the most exciting and satisfying moment.

I will take a rest now, a few days or more, just to catch my breath and recharge my batteries, then will add more updates to and slowly start making new plans.

I really hope you like ‘Blind Trust’, and will be able to follow its deep storyline and pervy action. Also, thank you very much for your patience and support! Luisa B. is made for you.

Have a good time.