Ark: Survival Evolved – Undress your avatar!

I’m a huge fan of the dinosaur-themed survival game Ark: Survival Evolved. Just recently, when i wanted to test the new Generic Maps feature, i stumbled over a mod in the steam workshop that looked…

…interesting :)

It’s the mod “Au naturale” which simply undresses your avatar (male/female) and applies correct body features:

ark-au-naturale-3Please note that i’ve only tested this mod in single player, since i don’t play on a multiplayer server…

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Bang! Foursomes in Sexvilla!

This one came in with a bang!

After long months and months without a real Sexvilla update, thriXXX finally surprised everybody with something cool, something that players really urgently were begging for since years:


sexvilla-foursome-updateYou can now have 4 people in a scene (instead of “only” 3) and some users already started to make custom poses for that. That’s a good thing because it’s really much work to come up with cool/hot foursome poses. So don’t forget to thank the custom creators for their dedicated work!

Another nice thing about Sexvilla’s Foursome Update is, that it only costs 5,000 sexcoins (that’s about 5,- $/€). It’s not too expensive but hey! I didn’t say that, ok? ;)

For me personally the update comes much too late, since i’m not an active player anymore, only sticking around with the community sometimes. But if you’re still a Sexvilla player or you just want to become one – the foursome update is definately a big fat pro-argument! I wouldn’t hesitate to get it.

You can simply get 3D Sexvilla 2 here.

Become a MXM Patron on Patreon!

I finally had some time and patience to have a closer look at, that “Kickstarter” for Artists that so many people hyped about last year.

Silvana invites for patreonBefore you worry, i have no plans to stop my “give-away-for-free” concept! But hey, receiving some money won’t hurt. It actually would help me a lot to buy content and create more stories.

After all, i think that pledging is a really fair concept. And seems to be nicely accepted in the 3Dx scene.

If you don’t want to waste time, just visit my profile and become a patron:

I will try to release more interesting stuff there soon enough. But for that i also have to re-organize my release strategy and make my workflow more efficient.

Well, it’s all for fun and newd pixels :)

Chathouse 3D is getting a big update!

Updates of thriXXX products usually take a loooong time. And i stopped playing SexVilla and Chathouse by myself, since i found something that suites my needs way better. But i still feel like being a part of the thriXXX family, so i want to inform you about the upcoming Version 1.5 of Chathouse 3D.

Remarkable Features of this version are:

  • a new lighting engine
  • new, better detailed textures
  • guided tutorials and how-tos
  • new outfits in 36 colors
  • direct access to the shop from in-game
  • easier ways to upload new content

As far as i know, the community is begging and screaming for such an update since months, so i guess they will be really happy about the changes.

I was informed about Chathouse v1.5 via Mail today, saying it will be released “this week”. So you can expect it to be out till Friday, the 13th. That date is hopefully not a bad sign :)

Check out Chathouse 3D here >>>