Camping Area or Luxury Yacht?

…that’s the question of the moment if you play “3D SexVilla”. Because Thrixxx is bringing a new update soon.

It’s always hard to catch news and previews about Thrixxx’s sex machinima software. Their promotion strategies are not really clear to me, but anyway…

From a thread in the official forum on, a cool statement of admin “Angela” and some infos from other members (thank you, Boomer74), i’ve learned a few half-facts/rumors/guessings that i think would be nice to share with the rest of the world…

A “not a room” location!

Angela knows how to keep the excitement high. For example, she states that a new location is coming – “and it isn’t a room”. So everybody wonders what it could be.

There has been a poll many months before where SexVilla players voted for their favorite 5 locations to be released in 2010. Well, 3 of the winners are already available: Prison Cell, Library and Medieval Fuck Celebration Hall.

A fourth location that wasn’t in the Poll also has been released last month, the Gym. So there are still two candidates left, Camping Area and Bar/Restaurant.

Since a restaurant is normally a room location, everybody is expecting the Camp Zone now. But who knows… It can also happen that Thrixxx conjures a rabbit out of the hat, like they did with the Gym.

My first guessing that the new SexVilla Location could be the winner of the recent poll, a Luxury Yacht, is not in the race. That poll was asking for 2011 locations and after all a Yacht location can also contain rooms…

Wig or Hair Style?

Another one of Angela’s tricky and unclear statements was the wig. Does she actually mean a wig or a new hairstyle? Personally i would prefer a hair style, you can never have enough of them.

More new features in 3D SexVilla 2!

New Outfits that fit to the location will also be on board, sorry, in the tent. Same like the hair style, you can never have enough of them.

There will be a new feature about the background sound. The original SexVilla sound is only one short loop and gets on player’s nerves quickly. So many People asked for more options. I’m not, i don’t care since i make my own music and sound design for my stories.

The best of it is that there will be a “gift for the creative modders”. This can only be good. More editors or more functions for the existing editors. I repeat myself, though the SexVilla editors a simply brilliant (a million times better than in any other game i know), more functions and possibilities are always a good thing.

Release Date!

Almost i’d forgotten! The release date of the last 3D SexVilla 2 update package in 2010 is Tuesday, December 14th!

That’s just around the corner :)

To celebrate this i share a preview pic of a hot picture story i’m currently working on:

Links: 3D SexVilla 2 /

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