Best of… Erotic Fantasies!

You possibly know that i administer the group “Erotic Fantasies” on the number one website for virtual photography,

Recently, last week, the 1.000th pic has been added to the group and i thought it would be the right moment to show you my personal favorites.

But for me it’s impossible to go through all 1.000 pics and choose the best 10 or something like that. So i just looked at the recent 100 entries and spontaneously took 10 catchy ones…

If you are exploring virtual worlds like Second Life, IMVU, Twinity… or play computer games like The Sims, WoW or others… if you just love machinima and virtual art – then become a member of! It’s a great and friendly site that gives you all the tools you need to present your art and connect to koinup’s calm and creative community.

But now let us haveĀ  a look at some inspiring Erotic Fantasies…

Erotic Fantasies! My 10 personal favs out of the recent 100:


This was entry number 1.000 and is one of my favorites since then, “Feels Good” by SavannahNix:

Koinup link: SavannahNix, Feels Good


“Temptation” by ticticc13:

Koinup link: ticticc13, Temptation


“Heartsong Forest VII” by Stariel:

Koinup link: Stariel, Heartsong Forest VII


“Lory per Victoria’s Secret Round 2” by gabi_figo:

Koinup link: gabi_figo, Lory per Victoria’s Secret Round 2


“dante @ white room” by dixmix:

Koinup link: dixmix, dante @ white room


“What’s My Scene?” by conniesec:

Koinup link: conniesec, What’s My Scene


“Untitled_002d” by rocapc:

Koinup link: rocapc, Untitled_002d


“In Luxury’s hands…” by lady_coccinella:

Koinup link: lady_coccinella, In Luxury’s hands…


“waiting by the window” by annieklavinham:

Koinup link: annieklavinham, waiting by the window


“…Fly ,Fly Firefly Fly…” by Nath:

Koinup link: Nath, …Fly ,Fly Firefly Fly…




Author: MaXsiM

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