Move Update…

Getting rid of mxm and moving on to another identity isn’t easy. It’s harder than i thought, to be honest. Over the last years the MXM/MaXsiM thing got too well connected on numerous sites and projects…

It’s impossible to erase MXM/MaXsiM!

So here is what’s going on (took me a while to find out):

  • will stay online. But changes will be made.
  • I will keep the artist name MaXsiM, but won’t use it for future works.
  • My new label/blog is:
  • The related twitter:
  • 3dxhaven is the new main label for future projects.
  • The new artist name is in the works, i’m currently checking its availability and reputation. and will be closed. But the content will be made available on the remaining sites.

You know what’s funny?

I’m going to try streaming live on where i will most probably create Luisa B. related stuff and more. So don’t miss the chance to see me failing!

So long, stay tuned :)

I’m closing MXM to start something new and exciting!

Yes, i’m currently organizing the end of MXM and its related projects.

But wait a moment! It’s not that i retire from 3Dx. I’m just going for a fresh restart, something completely new and exciting. But first give me a break and let me try to explain what’s going on.

Short version:

After more than 10 years of being MaXsiM i got a bit tired and feel stressed out. There’s a ton of further issues that lead to the fact that i feel a bit like walking towards a dead end. If i want to continue creating 3Dx i must start something new. And that requires a consequent reset.

I’m going to make a “soft” move to a new identity, so this blog and will stay open, as well. 

Long version:

Over the last few weeks i’ve been in a very thoughtful mood regarding my MXM world of 3Dx porn. It seems like times keep on changing, but MXM standing still. Something like that.

At first, i’m very sorry that i gave you a kind of positive look into the future in my first post this year. It makes me feel like an idiot now. Just after i’ve posted it, i realized that i actually have reached a blind alley.

Let me start right at the beginning. I create porn machinima and 3Dx for about 17 years now. It always was a great way to express my erotic fantasies, i enjoyed creating, but it is also a very work intense and – in recent 8 years – expensive hobby.

Since much longer than 10 years i’m working under the synonym MaXsiM and run this blog since October 2007. I always was hoping to build up a community of fans, large enough to balance my costs and – even more like that – inspire and motivate me to go even further with my stories.

The latter really worked great, during the first few (Sims 2) years in special. The Sexvilla years also were great fun! I’ve met a super cool and interested community at – what is now Not to forget all the people who joined and left all those kind comments. Really, i love you guys and gals! Thanks for all your support!

But for me it became very clear that things can’t just go on like they used to. When i looked at the site stats a few days ago, it opened my eyes. Only about 120 people have seen the latest episode “Blind Trust” during the first 6 months. I love that episode and it was a shitload of work. I’m greatful for every visitor, but 120 in 6 months? I’m not used to such low numbers 0o

But hey, don’t get me wrong. I don’t blame anybody! Anybody but me. When i got tired of SexVilla about 2 years ago and finally moved into the world of real 3D erotic, i knew it would be hard. I had set up some goals to myself – and today i must confess that i failed to reach them. It’s my fault.

You know, i’m not getting younger. My personal life is way more complicated now than it was a couple of years before. And when i finally have enough free time it’s hard to find the motivation to work on big projects that take months to finish. It’s not only disappointing for you, the viewer, when new content takes so long, it’s also disappointing for me, the creator. Every year and again i need to cancel projects, reschedule stuff, always hoping that next year will be better. I’m tired of that.

Also, my personal fun-factor is at an all time low. I always feel pressure and want to deliver. Basically i have no problem with the pressure of deadlines, but MXM is my hobby and i want to do it to balance out my “real life” troubles and simply want to have some fun. I know i sound bitchy, as a pro i should develop a different mindset. I virtually love my characters, i take my stories too personally. I should build up a more artistic work ethic, keep more distance. But it takes time.

Another – very simple – reason is that it takes really much time to create high-quality 3D-rendered stories. You have no idea. Due to my personal life doings i don’t have that much time anymore. I could change things if i would have a big followership on patreon, for example. But that’s nothing i can count on atm.

Technically, i have trouble with some of my sites and social media appearances as well. The world has changed during the last years. Most pageviews come from bots and spammers. I also believe that my twitter is pretty much useless due to the same problem. Of course, except one or two handful of good people <3

And finally, i release everything for free. It’s clear that you love this concept :) On the other hand, in my country they say “Free stuff is worthless”. Could it be that my content already got the image of being crappy? It’s a fact, that i’m more or less the only creator that gives away full-range interactive high-quality stories for less than a warm handshake. That was always my concept: Give it away for free and receive some love back. Well, the lack of feedback “love” really hurts me sometimes. My comment sections are pretty much died out. But that’s also my fault, i think. Social Media is a flower that needs to be carefully watered.

I guess i could come up with a list of further weird explanations. But let me nail it here and talk more about what’s going on in the future.

I don’t know. I don’t have a plan. One thing is for sure: I want to continue to create 3Dx! But in a way that makes more sense for me, and brings back the excitement.

After 10 years, i believe that the MXM label is a bit rusty. I changed the direction too often, released too unsteady and irregular on too many platforms. No wonder, when people don’t get too excited anymore when they see my name somewhere.

And to be very honest, now that we speak so open-heartedly ;) i got a bit tired of my pseudonym as well! Never liked “MaXsiM” too much anyway.

So i’m going to stop all my projects, get rid of them step by step, have a long break, learn new stuff, fool around, have fun…

…and then: Will come back with a new name, a whole new artist identity and portfolio – and new content! will stay open! I’ve made three very rich episodes and i think, that’s a good moment for a break. I’m pretty sure atm that i will keep on working with those characters in the future. Luisa B. is my most relevant work so far and also has some good potential. Let’s see.

Personally, i will find a way to stay connected and to keep my old content available. This site will also stay online as long as it makes sense. I will continue to post news and announcements here.

Most important: My presence on will also stay active! Of course, i need to change its identity as well. I will inform my patron(s) about any changes properly.

About twitter and other social media accounts: I love twitter, but i think i should restart a new account. Or post serious stuff for a while, i don’t know. The same uncertainty also counts for my other websites. I haven’t yet decided what exactly will happen to them and how.

Please, dear people, i hope you understand what’s going on and can accept my decision to close everything in and around MXM. I believe that the time has come to start something different. Although i don’t have much energy at the moment i see it as a chance to come up with something even bigger and better! Isn’t that exciting?

So far, thanks for reading all this. Thank you for your support. We will stay connected, you will know where you can find me. Take care of yourself and have a great time! Keep on supporting 3Dx.

See you soon, Cheers!


PS: Remember i will keep on posting news here on to guarantee a “soft” move. I will announce soon what happens to my social media accounts. Some will be deleted, some will not.

For Patrons: When Sisters Play!

The new 35-page picture story “When Sisters Play”, featuring the original characters Luisa and Sybil B., is now available for my patrons.

Please become a patron to support me! It really helps to continue creating.

“When Sisters Play” is a lesbian incest story that comes with a lovely comic look and – of course – very perverted and unique sex action. It’s pretty funny as well :)

You need to become a “Supporter” patron (only 3,-/month) to download the PDF.


Sexxi New Year!

It’s 2017, can you imagine that?

Everybody says that ’16 was a bad year. And when they say so, they’re mainly referring to the many celebrities that passed away. It’s sad, yes…

But what about the countless wars (people really do think the middle-age was a brutal time), what about the billions of starving people (it doesn’t get better, does it?), the ongoing monitoring of whole nations, heavy censorship that comes sneaking under cover the “fight against terror”, hip companies looting poor countries to deliver our gadgets (for a reasonable price, haha!), corrupt politicians support their business mates, and corrupt business people somehow manage to become President of the US.

I don’t believe that 2017 will bring better news. My feeling is more like “Let’s get going and see what happens”. And i will continue trying to entertain you with naughty stories that will hopefully help you to forget about the trouble and worries for a while :)

Last year i almost finished all planned projects. 1 Luisa B. episode (i was hoping to complete 2), finally a new SEXXI issue, many blog posts and quite a few nice updates for patreon. Well, my patreon campaign doesn’t run too promising, to be honest. But i won’t give up. I need to find a way to balance my production costs in a long term. Anyway…

There will be a very nice update on this week! Get ready :)

Now to the most urging questions! What can you expect from MXM in ’17?

I’ve learned to better set the goals super low. I’m not a 3Dx-Factory, and my art really takes time to create. I’m also getting older and as far as i can’t generate a decent income with my 3Dx, i won’t force myself into too much stress.

One more Luisa B. episode and maybe 2 SEXXI issues. I will also focus on producing content for patreon, i got some neat ideas. And i have more things in mind but won’t do the mistake to tell you about it ;)

What i also can say, that i will step more into niches in the future. More about that in a later post.

So far, have a great year 2017 everybody! Stay calm, think twice, be supportive and take care of yourself.

Thank you very much for your support, i really appreciate it.

Cheers :)