Artwork and other milestones…

When you make a comic like my upcoming “Luisa B.” there are numerous tasks that have nothing to do with 3D but need to be done as well.

This week i’ve created some artwork that i need as teasers and to promote LB1 online. First i came up with the handwritten Luisa B. headline you can see at the top of this post. Then i made this coming soon poster:

LuisaB_01_poster_coming_soon_1000It will be followed by another one that holds the release date. I have a date in mind but won’t tell you. Not yet.

The nice thing with the poster is, that it represents the new start very well but still keeps the connection to my former style. I hope you like it the same way i do.

Another milestone was the MXMD. Today i finished the code. One or two features are still missing, because they only can be integrated when all pictures are ready.

I’ve also created a cool logo for the MXMD: MXM Media DisplayAgain, the MXMD is the new way i’ll present my comics. You don’t need to worry about it, it’s all written in hmtl5, css3 and javascript, which means that it simply runs in your browser like a webpage.

Sleepless Nights

Well, i’m making a full restart with my art and stories. That requires heavy relaunches of the websites. I’m currently having sleepless nights because i’m thinking about the concepts all of the time.

Another reason for my nightmares is the fact that i must go back to some sort of shop system. It will not be possible for me to give away Luisa B. for free. BOOM!

That was a shock, right? But think about it. I left the path of game modding and machinima to move on to the world of real 3D-Art. In that world it is pretty unusual to give away whole stories for free. And when i look at all the great 3DX-Artists out there, well… i don’t want to be the new guy in town who ruins the prices.

Thanks for reading :)

Author: MaXsiM

Male, straight. Started game modding in 2000, made custom sex animations for The Sims 1, released the first nude skins ever for The Sims 2, came up with "Dreams of Luisa" in 2004, ran an adult forum with 10k+ members. Changed to 3D Sexvilla 2 in 2010. Finally made the move into the world of 'real' 3D-Art in 2015. Thanks for visiting my site and reading this post. Feel free to leave a comment. Become my Patron!