Ark: Survival Evolved – Undress your avatar!

I’m a huge fan of the dinosaur-themed survival game Ark: Survival Evolved. Just recently, when i wanted to test the new Generic Maps feature, i stumbled over a mod in the steam workshop that looked…

…interesting :)

It’s the mod “Au naturale” which simply undresses your avatar (male/female) and applies correct body features:

ark-au-naturale-3Please note that i’ve only tested this mod in single player, since i don’t play on a multiplayer server…

If you also use other mods, put Au Naturale on top position in the list!

ark-au-naturale-2The bouncing tits and sexy ass can really add a bit of erotic to the work-intense and incredibly dangerous gameplay of Ark.

But to be honest, as an advanced player, i really love the natural and basical feel of the “birthday dress”. It’s much more exciting to run completely naked through the jungle and fight like an amazon!

ark-au-naturale-4I’ve also tested another mod that does the same, but fuck it, it didn’t work and also destroyed my save game! Luckily i’ve had a backup…

So, i recommend Au Naturale to all Ark (single?) players who want to try the game in a new, more natural atmosphere – or simply can’t get enough of newd pixels :)

ark-au-naturale-1PS: Simply search for “Au Naturale” in Ark’s Steam Workshop and subscribe to it. Also leave the author a like and a nice comment.

Author: MaXsiM

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