About to move on…

I’m coming to the point where i want to evolve as a creator of 3D-smut…

After knowing about DAZ 3D for quite a few years i finally found the time to get deeper into this state-of-the-art program. In case you never heard about DAZ, it’s the first address when it comes to photo-realistic 3D-Art. It’s also a simple fact that many people use it to create naughty and very naughty imagery (and even super naughty things, but psht!).

What had held me back to use DAZ for my own stories was the simple fact that it is super complex and hard to learn. But like i’ve said, over the last few days i had enough time and willingness to dive deep into the DAZ universe.

Here are my actual thoughts about how DAZ 3D probably will affect my future as a smut maker…

DAZ 3D is the future!

I’m well known for my works with “3D Sexvilla 2” and you may wonder what will happen after i got in touch with DAZ. That’s a good question since i already did such a major change of concept a few years ago when i decided to leave the “Sims” for Sexvilla.

To tell a long story short: It’s right, in a long term i will move over to DAZ and will leave the Sexvilla area behind.

Sexvilla is still wonderful!

It’s only a normal evolution of me as an 3D porn artist. DAZ offers possibilities that Sexvilla will never give me. So far i understand thiXXX’s ideas for their upcoming games, their product will not be made for people like me.

But don’t get me wrong! I will keep on supporting Sexvilla as much as i can, i still think it’s a great game – and i will also keep on using it! My final move to DAZ is still far away, it will happen very slowly.

Don’t believe the haters, Sexvilla really is a decent game to create virtual porn, it contains very good editors and you will join a small but very cool community. See what i can do with Sexvilla! It’s great! Haters gonna hate.

You can’t compare Sexvilla with DAZ anyway!

People tell so much crap about Sexvilla (obviously to troll around) that it’s hard to believe. Fortunately you found this website and i speak the truth:

DAZ is a high-end mega-polygon 3D-Editor for professional users or super ambitious artists – Sexvilla is designed to be a GAME to create porn with or have a nice wank if you want so.

DAZ wasn’t designed to create porn at all! If you want to create porn with DAZ, it’s hard to do and expensive. It’s also not officially supported. You got to visit external websites or fuck around with torrent viruses.

DAZ is not free software. Well, the program is free (so is Sexvilla) but what about the content???

To all the people who can’t stop complaining about Sexvilla’s costs and think that DAZ’s many polygons are all free: Once after you payed $13.98 for a single DAZ Bikini Top you will change your mind :)

Peace out!

After we cleared some things, let me tell you more about my first days with DAZ and what made me fall in love…

First thing is: I finally understood how the program works! :)

Second thing is: I already invested about $200 bucks in content!

I managed to import my own textures and even created own outfits from scratch by using Hexagon 2.5. In theory i’m able to model whole 3D-Scenery, objects and what not!

I still need a lot of practice, that’s for sure. But everything reminds me of the good old days with the “Sims”. But this time without limits in sight – and much better looking.

I also created a unique model, Rachel:


And a bit hotter starpic of another model – i call her Lucia… Fans of my work will probably realize the relation to one of my main characters :)


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There is much more about my first days with DAZ 3D to tell you but let me close for now. I’m still not sure what’s going on and to where the DAZ train will move me…

…But no matter where the destination is, you can come with me, i have tickets for you ;-)


Author: MaXsiM

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