3D-Objects made with Milkshape!

It’s time to share another small update about “Luisa & The Elfish Spell” with you.

Since last weekend you know that the Pre-Production is already finished 50% and you might want to know what’s going on in the second half.

Well, the second half of the “Luisa 6” Pre-Production mainly means creating custom 3D-Objects, Scenery and Sets. I’m deep into this right now.

If you want to know more details of my current work please read the full post. I will also tell you something about Milkshape and Google SketchUp

Milkshape for President!

I’m having very much fun with Milkshape. I think it’s the most underestimated 3D-Editor of all. In truth Milkshape is such a great program. It’s simple but powerful.

One of my custom-made meshes in Milkshape. Looks chaotic here - but great in-game :)
One of my custom-made meshes in Milkshape. Looks chaotic here - but great in-game :)

Indeed there are many bigger and more luxury 3D-Programs available, like Maya, 3D Max and Blender for example. I’ve tested some of them but can assure you that Milkshape by Chumbalumsoft does the best job by far – when it comes to Sims-Modding.

SketchUp vs. Milkshape!

I did some experiments anyway. It’s because i’m a proud owner of a Google Sketchup full version. It wasn’t cheap so i thought i should use it to create stuff for “Luisa & The Elfish Spell”, too.

It makes so much fun to create 3D in SketchUp... Here i try somekind of door...
It makes so much fun to create 3D in SketchUp... Here i try some kind of door or so...

SketchUp works great, it has fantastic tools and functions, you can create cool objects just like it were nothing, but after all you need to export the file and import it with Milkshape where you need to turn the object into a Sims-File finally.

The objects i’ve created this way didn’t look good in the game. But that’s the most important point!

I have some really large objects and needed to go back and “repair” them in Milkshape – or recreate them completely. Big mess, big work.

Now i create all in-game objects from scratch in Milkshape. Instead of repairing strange looking files i can spend the time to make them look even better and do some fine-tuning.

Well, i still will use SketchUp – but to create whole sets! I will tell you more about this in another post.

The current workflow!

I’ve told you before that it needs numerous custom-made decoration objects to make the story look so cool and sexy.

I can promise that you will see many objects in “Luisa 6” that have never been seen before! They are all unique and not available anywhere. You will see, i don’t promise too much.

So i’m looking at my list of required objects every day, start Milkshape and create the next one. I create the texture and apply it, mount the file with SimPe and see how the object looks in the game. By the same time i create the in-game surrounding for that object, currently a very huge building with many huge objects. If it looks alright, fine. If not, i return to meshing or skinning and start a second round. When i’m happy about the result i will look at my list of required objects again, create the next object and so on and on…


Growing list of objects!

The problem is that my list of required objects is constantly growing! It seems that i get another idea with every new object i create…

Hola! This is going to be a Luisa 6 location - a couple of hours later.
Hola! This is going to be a Luisa 6 location - a couple of hours later ;)

Also, when i’m building a set in the game i often think it would be cool to have this or that object or decoration for it. Well, then i write another object onto my list – and it never ends :o

So i’m currently creating sets, full objects, floor tiles and wallpapers every free minute, it’s fun but also a lot of work – that’s why i stop here ;)

See you later…

Author: MaXsiM

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2 thoughts on “3D-Objects made with Milkshape!”

  1. So, can you tell me what is the file type when you export from SketchUp, so i can get it work in Milkshape. I just dont realize how i can get SketchUp -> .package

    1. I export files in .obj format, but i think the obj plugin is only available in the full version of Sketchup. But i never tested other methods… Milkshape can handle many different file formats, maybe other work as well…

      Anyway, you can’t export 3D objects as .package, neither in Sketchup nor in Milkshape. Get the Milkshape plugin by Wes_h to export files in .5gd format. Then mount the file in SimPe to get a .package for The Sims 2.

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