Half way through…

Over the last few days i’ve got some shit done :)

Finally i’ve crossed the 50% mark of the Luisa B. Episode 3 production. There’s still so much to do since the story is very extensive again, the sex scenes in special. Don’t want to spoil it here…

I also think that i came up with some really funny and original moves. Trying a bit of different lighting style as well. I really look forward to the release!

The Episode 3 poster also has been created and i’ve added much information about “Blind Trust” to the preview page. Go on to Luisa3D.com and log in to your account, or create one for free.


What’s going on?

Much is going on.

I know i’ve been very silent recently on my sites and social media. When this happens, don’t worry. Such silent weeks are pretty normal, stress and sickness happens to all of you, and so it does to me as well.

Now that i feel better i’m working intensively on the new Luisa B. episode!

Like always this production is way more challenging than i’ve planned. The sets are absolutely stunning and the story contains so much fun and sex. I will reach the 50% border soon and will come up with a nice site update/preview then.

Before that i concentrate on “Blind Trust” (<- aha! Title revealed!), all side projects are on a hold.

Side-projects? Yes, there are many of them. But at the moment i don’t want to talk about it, because i don’t want to make promises that i can’t keep. Anyway, i’ve wrote something about it earlier

I hope everybody is doing well and we’ll meet again shortly when i have new horny 3Dx content for you. Thanks for the support!