Luisa B. Morning Fever Release Date

Oh, i hate the word “soon” when it comes to releases, and i hate to make excuses. I wanted to give you a serious Luisa B. Part 2 release date, i have one in mind, but i can’t be sure if i can manage to match it. So, no promises that i can’t keep, no excuses i need to make.

But wait, these are actually good news! Don’t get me wrong. The Production is running well. But my 3Dx comics are made in my spare time, i give them away for free, and i’ve learned from the mistakes i did in the past. That means, i really enjoy playing with Luisa, but i can’t do it 24/7. I don’t want to set myself into panic and don’t want to freak out my dear audience because of broken deadlines.

Here’s the Morning Fever Release Poster! It doesn’t provide a date and “shortly” means pretty much the same than “soon”, but i thought it would be nice to give you something to look at:

Luisa B. Morning Fever Release Poster

What else do i have to say about Luisa’s latest 3Dx sexventure? Please don’t read further if you’re afraid of SPOILERS!

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Chathouse 3D is getting a big update!

Updates of thriXXX products usually take a loooong time. And i stopped playing SexVilla and Chathouse by myself, since i found something that suites my needs way better. But i still feel like being a part of the thriXXX family, so i want to inform you about the upcoming Version 1.5 of Chathouse 3D.

Remarkable Features of this version are:

  • a new lighting engine
  • new, better detailed textures
  • guided tutorials and how-tos
  • new outfits in 36 colors
  • direct access to the shop from in-game
  • easier ways to upload new content

As far as i know, the community is begging and screaming for such an update since months, so i guess they will be really happy about the changes.

I was informed about Chathouse v1.5 via Mail today, saying it will be released “this week”. So you can expect it to be out till Friday, the 13th. That date is hopefully not a bad sign :)

Check out Chathouse 3D here >>>

Luisa B. coming as PDF!

My PDF-Comics always have been a big success. May it the SEXXI magazine (which hopefully will have a comeback in 2016) or the Dreams of Luisa Episodes “White Angel” and “Wicked Game”. People just love to download stuff and keep it for themselves. I love that idea, too.

With “Luisa B.” i went back to the interactive-online-experience concept of earlier times. That’s still the direction i want to go with Luisa’s episodes and also plan to add more community features to the site…

But wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a Luisa B. comic on your harddisk? Problem here is that the MXMD wasn’t really made for offline use. But it’s easy to transform the story into good old PDF. The interactive special shots could be added as a bonus. So here’s the plan:

With every new episode i will give away the recent one as PDF. Maybe i can also come up with special download events or something like that. Everything only for registered members, of course (which is free).

So look forward to Luisa’s new sexventure “Morning Fever” and the exclusive PDF-Download of “Best Friends”, both on!