Morning Fever

First of all, the new ‘coming soon’ poster for LB2:

poster_LB2_coming soon

This episode is going to be very hot. Anal Sex all over the place! :)

But it’s a shitload of work to produce Luisa B. #2; takes longer than i expected. For example, i’ve created 3 tall outdoor sets and Luisa’s whole office building. ‘Morning Fever’ will also feature many male and female characters, some for the hot action, some only for decoration ;)

It would be nice if i could manage to release a new episode every 6 months or so. For LB2 i’m expecting November or early December as a possible release date.

About the story. Like i announced earlier i will split my storyline with the working title ‘the warehouse’ in two parts that will make the episodes 2 and 3. This will re-schedule the appearance of Lexi Sin for part 3. But you can look forward to Anny Lee who plays Luisa’s new secretary Alina. If you’re a passionated reader you might have noticed Alina here and there already :)

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Thanks for your patience and support.