Say Hi to Luisa’s new story and site!

I don’t want to wake you from your beauty sleep, but my new story, the successor of Dreams of Luisa, Luisa B. is now ready to rock!

Register on the dedicated website, it’s free as well as watching the interactive episode “best friends” online.

Please note:

After the first few hours it appears that some people don’t receive their activation mail. It seems to happen with, yahoo and some private domain mails, while gmail works nicely. I’m working on it to find out what’s wrong…

If you don’t get your activation mail within reasonable time, write a letter to office(at) from the mail address you’ve registered with and include your username. I will activate you manually and let you know.

I will be back later with more things to tell about Luisa B., right now i’m too busy and also a bit tired ;)