Hyen Young after i’ve stolen her pants…

Hyen Young after her pants were stolenThis funny render marks the comeback of my androgyny model Hyen Young, also known as Kim in the Dreams of Luisa (Luisa B.) series.

Like all of my models it’s an unique Genesis 2 figure that i’ve shaped up from my imagination. I’m really happy about the result. Hyen never looked better.


The cock wasn’t easy to attach but i somehow tricked it :p

And btw, the render was made with the Iray engine. That thing is really cool and good to have, but pretty much overrated if you ask me. It’s different than 3Delight but not “better”. Iray can do amazing things – but 3Delight can also do amazing things. Like i can do amazing things with Hyen’s panties :)

How i returned to tumblr…

…and why?

Short story: Many, if not most, 3Dx Artists are still trusting tumblr and releasing their works on that not-so-cool-than-it-seems (but it’s free, hey!) blogging platform. I want to support those artists with likes and reblogs, so i’ve created a new account, after my old one was deleted by tumblr many months ago.

Long story: I was a tumblr for many years, joined when it was brand new, and i liked it. I ran a few sexy photo blogs that were quite successful, and i really took care about proper source linking and all that right from the start. I also had my ‘smutboard’ and another blog on which i released some of my original stuff…

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Luisa B. Promo Trailer

My little few videos on youtube generated about 250k views, so i thought it would be a good idea to make a short Luisa B. clip as a reminder for the yt audience.

I’d love to create more videos but it’s a bit complicated to publish on youtube when you’re in my genre. I’ve age-restricted the clip like i did with all my clips but who knows…

Technically, the clip was made in Photoshop. It’s an animation that frames i’ve exported as 100% jpegs which i imported in Windows Movie Maker. I love the WMM and still believe that it is one of the best video editors around. Free (on Windows Systems), intuitive, simple but powerful.

The clip also contains a snippet of  Luisa B’s original title track. You can hear the whole track in the member area (i repeat myself when i say that it’s free) of Luisa3D.com.