Release Date!

With 94% progress i’ve finally decided for a date to release the new Luisa B. 3D porn comic, it’s not so far in the future: Friday, May 8. You don’t believe that? Then look at the poster, posters never lie:

Luisa B. Release Poster

The poster also reveals the beautiful new models Breana Kox and Natalie Silver, who appear as Sybil and Roxana like always. I’m currently creating bonus content and these super sexy pixelgirls really give me a hard… um… time :)

A new website and webadress also underlines Luisa’s fresh start in the world of 3D porn. is going to go online on May 8 as well.

Until then i still have masses to do but i can already see the light at the end of the tunnel :)

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Pre-Release Stats

Hello people, i hope you’re doing fine and looking forward to my new story “Luisa B. – Best Friends”. I’ve worked really hard since the last post and was able to push the progress bar across the 90 percent line.

It’s standing at 92% at the moment, so i thought it would be nice to deliver some pre-release stats and facts:

  • Luisa B. is the next original episode of the Dreams of Luisa sequel.
  • Subtitle of the story is “Best Friends”.
  • The story happens after “White Angel” and “Wicked Game”.
  • It’s not the third part “Venus Guild” of the planned trilogy.
  • English and German versions will be available.
  • The comic is no PDF anymore, it will be displayed in the browser via the MXMD.
  • It’s recommended to be viewed on desktop computers with at least 1200px screen width. A responsive mobile version could appear later, depending on the success.
  • No machinima. The story wasn’t made with Sexvilla or any other game.
  • It’s made with the high-polygon 3D software Daz3D and Genesis 2 models.

The story contains:

  • 105 pages
  • 167 renders
  • 16 MXMD featured pics.
  • + bonus material
  • + original music

The missing 8% are mainly about programming the new website (, making corrections and creating the bonus material. I rejected my plans to add sound effects, since i don’t believe they would do much to the story. Technically it’d be a heavy task, so i decided for an earlier release and continue developing the MXMD with sound later.

I’m not quite sure what to do with the original music track yet. Perhaps i just put it in the bonus folder, or let it play in the background, or make a simple slideshow video… let’s see.

Let me take a short break and think about everything. Then i will come up with a release date (and poster). I have early May in mind…

Thanks for reading, have a great time!

Artwork and other milestones…

When you make a comic like my upcoming “Luisa B.” there are numerous tasks that have nothing to do with 3D but need to be done as well.

This week i’ve created some artwork that i need as teasers and to promote LB1 online. First i came up with the handwritten Luisa B. headline you can see at the top of this post. Then i made this coming soon poster:

LuisaB_01_poster_coming_soon_1000It will be followed by another one that holds the release date. I have a date in mind but won’t tell you. Not yet.

The nice thing with the poster is, that it represents the new start very well but still keeps the connection to my former style. I hope you like it the same way i do.

Another milestone was the MXMD. Today i finished the code. One or two features are still missing, because they only can be integrated when all pictures are ready.

I’ve also created a cool logo for the MXMD: MXM Media DisplayAgain, the MXMD is the new way i’ll present my comics. You don’t need to worry about it, it’s all written in hmtl5, css3 and javascript, which means that it simply runs in your browser like a webpage.

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