New Progress Bar…

Finally a new progress bar appeared on, displaying my progress with the new story “Luisa B.”

I have often installed such a toy when i was working on new stories. It’s a nice way for the fans to see that things are going to be done.

This new bar is by far the most detailed i ever had. It features 7 categories and counts them together to get a total result. Here’s a description of the 7 categories:

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Luisa B. will feature 3D Anaglyph pics!

The upcoming “Luisa B.” comic will also feature some specialities…

With my freshly developed MXMD it’s possible to show variations of, or effects on a picture. When there’s such an additional pic available, a button will pop up, the user hits the button and the special shot appears. That’s much fun!

These are the features you can look forward to:

  • Spy Cam – Will let you see the character(s) naked. Like with this newd scan cam. For the voyeurs.
  • POV – Point of View. Seeing the same scene with the eyes of a character (or from another angle). Very hot!
  • 3D – An anaglyph 3D version for red/cyan glasses. Stunning.

You can test the 3D Feature with this multilayer 3D version of the Gypsy Queen (see the original gallery on Click on the pic to get the larger version:


Take on your anaglyph glasses (red is left), look at the pic, wait a few moments and then go WOW :)

This actual pic has 4 depth layers (tits, body/chair, post, background) and was handmade in Photoshop. More of this sort you’ll see in Luisa B.

MXMD – Media Display

While i was creating the new “Luisa B.” story, i remembered the good old times when i released my stories as Flash media files. This way it was possible to add interactive stuff to a comic.

I probably was the first guy who added animations and special views (remember the “Wand”-Button in “Elfish Spell”?) to his picture stories.

To be honest, it always was a pain in the ass to work with Flash. Not to talk about the typical security troubles, plugin worries and… (list goes on and on). So it got on my nerves and i turned over to create more normal image galleries and – until today – handy pdf ebooks, which i still think are cool.

I was right to get rid of Flash. Now, in 2015, we know that Flash is pretty much dead. With our modern html5/css/jquery technology in mind Flash is only a grumpy software dinosaur – only needless crap. Continue reading “MXMD – Media Display”