How to make a sexy GIF in Photoshop!

I’ve recently made some sexy gif-animations for and you might wonder how i did it.

Well, i’ve made it with the porn game/editor Sexvilla and Photoshop. Here’s my short step-by-step tutorial.

But first let me start with explaining the background of the project…

I don’t like gif-porn too much. Perhaps because so many gifs are just crappy in my opinion. Anyway, if you’re a pose maker you are always looking for ways that make you come up with better, more realistic and organic poses and animations.

I recently found out that gifs are very helpful when it comes to animating. Because they are focusing at only a few seconds of action and are originally made to celebrate a very cool looking scene. This makes gifs being perfect templates for animators.

So i simply started this project to learn from gifs how to create better animations…

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Goodbye tumblr – we had a nice time together!

I have no clue why my account on has been deleted. But it’s true, my 6 years old Precious Legs blog and all its sisters and brothers are gone.

I needed to take a break from my mxm projects but when i came back after a few weeks i found my account dead and gone. I double-checked my emails… never received a warning or other official statements from tumblr.

So i first thought my account could have been hacked! But come on, of course i had some very nice blogs and a few hundred followers (i feel very sorry for them now), but the account wasn’t that important at all. In fact, nobody will really take notice of its disappearance. Plus, i always use very strong passwords… they are way too strong to hack – only to delete a small private blog with sexy photos.

Now i believe that tumblr deleted my account simply because they can! Thank you, Yahoo!

Let’s face it…

On the 4 “Precious” blogs i reposted sexy photographs. Only tasteful imagery and no hardcore porn.  I always provided the proper source links and never led visitors in the wrong direction. In the sidebar of those tumblogs i had links to my own websites, in case someone would be interested. Since i don’t sell anything on my sites and don’t run a subscribing service or something like that, i can’t see what could be wrong here.

As far as i remember tumblr allows nudity and alike. That was once the reason i decided to become a member.

All my blogs were properly marked as “NSFW”.

I feel sorry for my “smutboard” and the “sexvillafan” blog. Both held many posts, tutorials, outtakes and thoughts, detailed information… that’s all in the trash bin now. Funny thing is that i moved with sexvillafan from blogspot to tumblr only a year ago :) The site was meant to deliver latest news about SexVilla to the German speaking folks. I also hosted the German Version of the SEXXI Magazine there. Bitter.

Since i never received a warning notice from tumblr, i don’t have backups. I know, it’s my fault. I keep on learning.

I will continue the Smutboard here on my main page and the German SEXXI will be hosted on the upcoming relaunched Everything is going to be alright…

I also provided my affiliate links to and i guess that was the problem. The links were okay, no tricks, of course. But since a while i suspect that could be on some blacklist or so. Perhaps because of the fucking .xxx ending.  It makes filtering/censoring so easy. That’s the reason almost no porn company uses .xxx. They’re still on .com.

So what happened?

When i think about it there are three possibilities of what could have happened in the tumblr office:

  1. A 16-year old volunteer viewed my blog, saw a nipple, got shocked and hit the delete button.
  2. Somebody reported me for whatever reason. And tumblr didn’t care much.
  3. The affiliate link that appeared here and there.

Maybe even a mix of all of these. It doesn’t really matter. The thing i really worry about is the fact that i received no warning notice, no info at all and the whole account with all its blogs was deleted. Well…

What do we learn?

Not so long ago i would have gone ballistic. But i stay cool. Times have changed, the NSA controls each and everyone, even big companies like Yahoo/Tumblr shiver and shake and take the easy way.

I don’t want to rant, but i realize that a process is going on. I don’t know how long it will still be possible to “Free Speak” on the internet. When the time comes, porn, erotica, smut, bizarre stuff, oddities and alike will be the first in line to termination. Not the dictators, terrorists, religious freaks, atomic bombers and of course not the idiots who try to censor the media and control how we shit into our toilets.

Hahaha! Was that a bit too political? You’re right, let me focus on more practical things. is nice for fun projects. It’s a good service, i’ve been a supporter for many years. But if you’re really in love with blogging, if you create original content, run a serious business – don’t do that on tumblr. Don’t do that on any other mainstream service. Do it on your own website. When you trust a web company blindly, you simply give away your content. And you make the companies own the Internet.

I never considered to open a new account and start again. I’ve just learned my lesson and that’s okay. Tumblr don’t want me, i don’t need Tumblr :) Gotta move on.

PS: If your (insert your presence on any web service here) suddenly disappears over night, don’t say i haven’t warned you ;)