SV2: February Update Preview!

A new Sexvilla Update is coming. It’s the most important for ThriXXX!

UPDATE: Added an Outfit Preview Photo.

UPDATE 2: Added a Hair-Style Preview Photo.

Here’s the very first view into the upcoming Sexvilla location. It’s some coffee shop, downtown restaurant:

Sexvilla February Update

Very nice. It looks like this is one of the bigger locations, with many side rooms and great details. It seems to be perfect for story makers like me and i’m looking forward to it…

Here’s also a preview of two new outfits:


I like both outfits. A normal T-Shirt for girls (has been overdue), hot pants, a not-too-short-but-still-sexy skirt and some new shoes that all girls would want to have in their collection :)

Hair Style Preview

Two new hair styles will also be on board. Finally new shoulder-long hair! The left one may look like a modern version of a wig that already exists but it will be interesting to see what modders will do with it. I like both styles.

Everything’s nice so far, but also read about the more explosive stuff this update contains…

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A sexxi new site!

SEXXI is also available in English…

That was the first task for 2013, to create a dedicated website for the english versions of the mini 3D-porn magazine SEXXI.

Well, it’s here:

Originally, SEXXI was created to give this German Sexvilla blog a push forward and there were no plans to release English versions at all. But it turned out to be pretty successful in the german speaking area, so i asked myself:

Wouldn’t it be a shame to hold back an international version? Especially since all my other stories are available in both languages. Yes, it would. So…

I also must say that it’s very entertaining to make a new issue. I love that magazine style and i think people love such tiny pdf downloads, since it’s compatible to many different computers and mobiles.

SEXXI may not be a full size 120-page porn magazine (it contains only 18 pages) like you’ll find in your local sex shop. But it is an unique piece of digital art, a smart work made with passion, it fits perfectly well into your porn collection.

And it demonstrates pretty damn nice what can be done with the wonderful and inspiring (or may i say stimulating?) porn game “3D Sexvilla 2”. SEXXI is not over-photoshopped, stays close to the game’s possibilities.

Now in English, check it out on