Merry XXX-Mas and a horny new year!

Some latest updates and a quick view into next year… this and that… and previews :)

Before i tell you about my latest ongoings, let me start with an excuse. I was angry and disappointed when i wrote my last post about the rescheduling of SexVilla 3. I want to make clear that i’m not angry anymore. I still have so much fun with the current version of the game and also still believe that ThriXXX is doing a great job. Not everything is like i want it to be, but hey, no harm is done. So this one is for you, ThriXXX: Cheers!

A few weeks ago i wrote about my ‘12 countdown. A little later i became very ill and didn’t believe that i would be able to fulfill all those tasks. But during the last days i’ve been super busy with mxm-stuff again – so here’s what i can tell you:

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SexVilla 3 rescheduled and worse!

It’s disappointing, but ThriXXX’s flagship no longer has top priority! That’s a shame!

I often told you that 2 hearts beat in my chest. I really love that “game” 3D Sexvilla 2 and support/promote it pretty much. On the other hand i often stated that the company ThriXXX makes strange decisions sometimes, acts unprofessional – sort of. Nothing personal. I’m sure they are great guys and really talented programmers. But, you know, they can be freaky…

While gamers really look forward to a SV2 follow-up (at least since ThriXXX released a teaser video about 10 months ago), ThriXXX just decided to kick their faithful customers in the butt and reach out for new marketplaces instead.

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