My latest explicit smut!

The new Dreams of Luisa comic has been released. Here’s my mind…

Over the years the story had its ups and downs. Many people were disappointed after the sad cancellation of “Elfish Spell”. But that lies way back in the past. It’s time for a restart.

So it was last Christmas when i fooled around with SexVilla to see if i could create something like a new DoL-Episode, an episode that would not only gain new viewers but also would please the many fans the series once had.

I’m very glad to see that many fans are still on board, i see it every day in the online stats and search terms. They (you!) are still around and i really hope that “Luisa and the White Angel” will entertain you and leave you with a happy face and wet genitals :)

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Get ready for Luisa B. and her latest erotic story!

It was a long way and hard work. But it’s done: Luisa and the White Angel!

At first i want to thank the small Austrian company “ThriXXX” for creating that great game “3D SexVilla 2“. I think without that virtual sex editor i wouldn’t have created another Dreams of Luisa episode. The game gave me the kick, so thank you ThriXXX.

The new episode took 9 months to finish, the work folder holds over 4GB of photos, the final PDF contains 50 pages, will be available in German and English – and i think it’s the best Dreams of Luisa story of all times!

Ok, calm down, euphoria :)

But it’s just true. I love “Luisa and the White Angel”. I’ve been through it for what feels like a thousand times, but i still enjoy it! Can’t wait for the 20th of September, when i finally bring DoL-revived to the public.

And i really hope that there are still some of the old fans on board and enjoying Luisa’s next generation as much as i do. After all the frustration they got when i canceled “Elfish Spell”.

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And here is the release poster: