Valentine’s Gift from ThriXXX: Arabian Nights!

Earlier than expected but not a moment too late the porn game SexVilla gets a big update…

The new update is themed “Arabian Nights” and is a complete package, featuring a stunning Arabian Palace, related Outfits, new Hairstyles and a number of  cool adds and minor fixes.

I couldn’t check it out in detail yet but what i have seen so far i like very much.

Can there be a better place for having sex than in a beautiful place from 1001 nights? Who wants to be in my harem? :)

Here are some photos of the Arabian Nights location:

If you want to get the free test version of 3D SexVilla 2, visit (<— A link you can trust! 100% clean, you’ll get the original product)

BTW: It’s not the Mad Scientist location i was talking about in this post. Arabian Nights is even better :p

More Updates For SexVilla 2 will come!

Good news for SexVilla Fans who don’t know what to do while waiting for SexVilla 3…

ThriXXX is only a small studio, hard working on the long-awaited SexVilla 3. So SV-addicts worry about if ThriXXX will still continue to release updates for the current game version, sv2.

The answer is yes, according to an official statement that can be found in the game’s forum

Of course, ThriXXX can’t push the development of SexVilla 3 forward and create monthly updates for the old version as well. So i only expect new packages every 3 or 4 months. BTW, i don’t expect SexVilla 3 to come out until 2013. I hope i’m wrong here ;)

The next questions are: When  will the update come out and what will it be?

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ThriXXX reveals SexVilla 3 Teaser!

IMPORTANT: This post is outdated! I only leave it here because it brings nice traffic to my site :) Please visit the startpage to see what’s really going on. It’s hot! Thank you.

A short making-of video gives a nice glance at the long-awaited version 3 of the world’s best virtual sex game…

According to ThriXXX developer Altgurl the third major version of SexVilla is shortly before reaching Alpha status.

The devs still don’t know how to design the ingame editors and creative tools, like PoseEdit and the Sequencer. So the editors that can be seen in the clip are mostly from developer tools and don’t show anything final.

But the video is filled with many small hints that will please the SexVilla addicts and impress many potentially new users…

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