Looking back and fore!

I just thought to say Hi and let you know that good ol’ MaXsiM is still alive. Also a bit about the reasons i “play” SexVilla…

So it is November again, another year slowly passing by. For about 5 years i am running mxm-studios.com, trying to fill it with different kinds of naughty content, info and tutorials.

But recently i ran a bit out of free time, it was pretty hard to create new content in ’11. I sadly needed to say goodbye to all my “The Sims 2” projects but somehow i managed to keep my main character Luisa aka Lena Luv alive on clublena.com.

In the meantime i totally jumped over to “3D SexVilla 2”, the currently best sex animation game in the world – it is still a bit behind up-to-date visual standards though.

If you ask me what my main intention is, i’d say, i want to create erotic stories and illustrate them with virtual world characters. I believe that my creations are still super unique, i’ve tried hard to find a true competitor, but i still seem to be alone on the scene. One reason possibly is, that people quickly learn how hard and time-intense it is to mess around with pose editors and programs like Photoshop, only to get out a couple of sexy images.

It’s easy to take a modern 3D-Program and quickly create an ugly string of retarded sex pictures like you can find in various so-called “3D Porn” galleries on the Internet. It’s nice when some guys are able to make money for nothing, but 99% of the stories i saw were complete shit. You can bring the argument that high res models like “Victoria” look more realistic and maybe better from a technical point of view. But still the stories are crap!

I always try to develop a strong fantasy and create a fancy and entertaining surrounding. I recently started experimenting with short stories that only have 8 or less pictures and no text but still tell an inspiring stimulating story. My stories always have to be both, offensive and sensitive at the same time. Well, i often think i am too complicated. I could just create a perverted photo every now and then and it would be alright. But this wouldn’t satisfy me, it never did and never will.

The main reason i now only use SexVilla is that it was just made for guys like me. It provides me with – almost – everything i need to create my stories. Many models, a complete face editor, a (not so complete) body editor, pose editor, sequencer, toy creator, outfits, shooting sets and some very talented guys on the game’s official community site gamerotica.com, who throw out nicely done custom content.

Okay, the main reason might be that i already spent about 300 bucks or so to get the complete original content :)

I close my little monologue with a small preview. There are many new stories in the pipeline, some of them nearly finished, others just started. I promise to try hard to release as many of them as possible during the rest of this year.